Imagine building a new oak frame porch for your home. A timeless, beautiful yet almost instant addition that can transform your property and add value. Did you know that planning permission is often not required either?

Why build with Oak?

For centuries, oak has been the heart and soul of Britain’s most beautiful buildings.  Strong and durable, oak has a beauty that no other building material can match.

All of our oak timber comes from carefully managed woodlands, where two or more trees are planted for every one felled. Ensuring this unrivalled material lives forever and creates beautiful buildings that last a lifetime.

Why choose us?

As the name suggests, The Porch Specialist is an expert in porch frames. All our porches are made from high quality green oak timber, using traditional jointing methods combined with the latest computer controlled cutting machines. This ensures you receive a product with intricate precision and a tight quality finish that simply cannot be achieved by hand.

From the time of production drawing sign off, our standard porch frames can be made to order and delivered to you within 8 weeks. We supply to customers throughout the UK so can provide your oak porch frames wherever you are located.

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