If you’re looking to start adding value to your property, you need to consider building a porch.

Front porches are one of the first design features buyers will see when approaching your house. First impressions play a huge role in a buyer’s final decision, so it’s important to ensure your home’s aesthetics are in order, and an oak framed porch is a great place to start.

Why Buy an Oak Framed Porch Kit?

There are several benefits of buying an oak framed porch kit:

  • They are easy to assemble – the biggest advantage of oak framed porch kits is that they’re easy to build. With a few helping hands, the average DIYer should have no problem assembling any of our oak porches.
  • They are durable – oak is a material that adapts to its surroundings over time. This means that weather and time
  • They offer swift solutions for trade businesses – if you’re a tradesmen tasked with building an oak porch for a client, our kits are designed for fast installation.
  • They require little to no maintenance – unlike other porches made from metals, concretes and PVC, oak porches are durable and actually adapt to their environment. They also absorb CO2, which helps the environment.
  • They cut labour costs – building your oak porch yourself means you don’t have to hire a builder or carpenter to install it.

Your Porch Location

There’s a few factors to consider when choosing when it comes to installing your porch. There are essentially three locations, all of which serve different purposes:

  • Front porch – located at the front of the property (entrance door)
  • Back porch – located at the back of the property (back/garden door)
  • Wraparound porch – covers parts of/or the whole property

The most common option is the front porch. They are usually simple constructs and are inviting entrances for guests. Depending on the size, porches can also offer ample space for relaxing and socialising outside a property.

Back porches also offer a place for socialising, as they usually lead onto a garden. Back porches come in a variety of styles and sizes which adds character to your outdoor space and some extra space for sitting and relaxing in the summer months.

Wraparound porches are larger and offer a more traditional look. Some people adapt their wraparound porches into mini gardens, whereas others instal them to help shield their property from harsh weather (especially houses located near the coast).

The Cost of Adding a Porch

The cost of a porch depends on the size, style and potentially labour time (if you’re not building it yourself). The cost of our one of our most common porches – the Floor & Wall Mounted Porch – is priced at £1,200.

Again, there are a number of factors to consider when buying a porch. Fee free to browse our range to get a better understanding of what you’re looking for and how much you want to spend.

Building Your Porch Yourself

If you’re looking to cut labour costs, you may want to consider building one of our oak porches yourself. All of our porches come with full assembly instructions. So, if you’re looking for a small project and you’re confident in your DIY skills, assembling your porch should be no problem (we recommend having a few helping hands to lift and fit the beams into place). Alternatively, if you would rather hire a builder or carpenter to build your porch, this can easily be arranged.

What About Planning Permission?

You will only require planning permission for your oak porch kit if your porch will:

  • Exceed 3 square metres
  • Exceed more than three metres above ground level
  • Be within two metres of any boundary and/or highway

Additionally, if you live within a Conservation Area or a Listed Building, you will need to enquire about planning permission.

Your Return on Investment

While your return on investment largely depends on where your property is located, generally speaking, adding a porch to your property provides an average return on investment of 84%. Additionally, Homebuilding and Renovating included ‘adding a porch’ as one of their top ‘must dos’ for adding value to your property.

The Additional Benefits of Oak Framed Porch Kits

Costs aside, it’s also worth noting the many additional benefits that come with installing and building your own porch. Our oak framed porches are designed to add character to any property, as well as providing additional space. As mentioned before, adding porches come with a number of considerable benefits, aside from adding value to your property.

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