Innovative Gazebo Bar Ideas

terrace in the backyard garden at night

Having a gazebo in your garden is a great way to create additional space for functionality and recreation with a world of ideas for use. Every wooden gazebo kit crafted by The Porch Specialist is made to measure to your exact requirements and specifications to provide you with a beautiful and operational structure. Whether you are looking to install a lean-to gazebo or a standalone, there is a range of possibilities for how to make the most of your garden gazebo. One of the more stylish and most popular ways that we have seen oak-framed…

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Unique Gazebo Roof Ideas for a New Build

textile awning in the backyard gazebo with a garland of strings of retro edison lamps lighting glowing with warm light closeup, nobody.

Having a gazebo in your garden offers both fun and functionality with a range of versatile ideas for use. But when you want to build your own wooden gazebo, how do you maximise both aesthetic appeal and practicality? This guide on gazebo roof ideas has the answers. Learn more about how you can uniquely utilise the roof of a wooden gazebo and complete your garden space, or contact us if you want specialist assistance creating your build first. Roof Design Options Hip Roof This is the classic roof style for a gazebo and may be…

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Pergola Planning Permission in the UK

Oak frame pergola

Planning permission is an important part of any building process when it comes to enhancing or extending your property. Depending on the scale of your project, you will either need to make a planning application, or you may be able to avoid applying for planning permission if your build is within the specific limits of Permitted Development. As experts in oak and timber construction with a speciality in pergolas and porches, we are able to produce a wide range of kits that can be created to your exact specifications, and that only requires minimal maintenance…

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All You Need to Know About Garden Gazebo Planning in the UK

Gazebo as garden room

Garden gazebos are becoming more commonly sought after for garden and deck spaces in the UK. The Porch Specialist offers a range of oak gazebos which can be created to your exact specifications with help from our expert designers and craftsmen from start to finish.  Along with the design of your garden gazebo, you also need to consider whether the gazebo that you wish to install will require planning permission. For specific dimensions and locations, you may require gazebo planning permission before installation.If you are unsure, please contact a member of our team today for…

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The Best Gazebo Ideas For a UK Garden

Empty Wooden Gazebo In Summer In The Park

A gazebo can be a stylish and functional space within your garden, used for relaxation, entertainment, dining, and more. Whether looking to install a gazebo within your garden or decorate an existing one, you’ll have a variety of choices to make. In this guide to gazebo ideas from The Porch Specialist, we’ll explain the essential decisions you can make, from the design of your gazebo to its decoration, and finally what you’ll be using it for. Gazebo Design Ideas A gazebo is a long-standing tradition in garden design, occurring within the stately gardens of England…

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