Pergolas on Decks: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve got your decking area all sorted in your garden, but it’s got something missing. Something to add a beautiful finishing touch to enhance its design and bring a sense of cohesiveness.  The perfect addition to your decking is a pergola. A pergola can provide a sanctuary area of cooling shade and add a delicate decorative aspect to your garden. It’s a beautiful structure that can separate an area on your decking for a particular purpose. A cosy reading nook, a gathering space, a relaxing space: the possibilities are endless! Pergolas can be relatively simple…

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7 Stylish Garden Pergola Ideas

Frame Outdoor Kitchen And Dining Area Under A Pergola At The Spa

Pergolas are a popular garden feature, used for relaxation, work, and socialising. If you are looking to install a pergola within your garden, or looking for new ways to decorate your pergola, our guide features 7 great ideas for making the most of a garden pergola. Whether looking for style, comfort, or function, our range of pergola ideas showcases just how adaptable a garden pergola can be. Alongside these garden design ideas, you’ll find some of the best choices for plants and lighting on a pergola. Installing a Pergola Over Decking Installing your new pergola…

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Creating Charming Features with Rustic Porch Ideas in the UK

High Brick Plinth Porch Cottage

As expert providers of wooden porches, we are already skilled in adding timeless charm and aesthetic appeal to properties. This makes us the perfect team to turn to whenever you’re looking for rustic porch ideas in the UK, as our products will help to create the look you’ve been planning right from the very beginning. We can even help with a few suggestions on how to decorate your new, rustic porch to achieve the style you’ve been hoping for. Read on if you want to learn more, or call or email us right away if…

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Inspiring Open Porch Ideas for the Front and Back of Your Home

Beautiful front entrance of Southern home with open porch.

At The Porch Specialist, we are proud to offer our customers a variety of kits to turn into open front porches and back porches. With years of experience behind us in manufacturing a range of designs and ideas, we’re also fully prepared to offer suggestions for open porch ideas when our customers just can’t decide what to do with their new installations. Read on to find out more about what you could do with an open porch installed on your property, or get in touch with us if you already know what you’d like to…

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Wooden Porch Ideas To Spruce Up Your Porch

porch ideas

At first glance, it may not always look as though a lot can be done with a wooden porch in the UK. However, you may be pleased to discover that there are actually many styles, design options, and plans for usage that you can take advantage of when you install your own oak or timber-framed porch over any door to your property. As experts in the manufacture of stunning product kits, we can even lend a helping hand with our own wooden porch ideas. Read on if you would like to learn more about what…

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Porch Foundations

porch style

Everything You Should Know About Porch Foundations We’re proud to supply customers across the UK with the kits they need to build their ideal back and front porch designs. With years of experience in their manufacture, we’ve also gained the knowledge we need to advise homeowners on porch foundations, why they need them, material foundation options, and depth measurements. Read on to learn more about foundations before you start building a porch on your property, or call us or send us an email if you already know what you need to improve your home just…

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Porch Cost Calculator


How To Calculate the Cost of a New Porch We’re fully prepared to provide our customers across the UK with the expertly made porch kits they need to complete their properties. With some help from our online porch cost calculator, you’ll even be able to find a design at a cost that suits your budget. Find out how much it will cost to build your perfect porch here today, or get in touch if you want to speak to a team member before you place your order. Using Our Price Calculator We’ve got a great…

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Front Porch Ideas

High Brick Plinth Porch Square

Adding Curb Appeal with Front Porch Ideas in 2021 At The Porch Specialist, we pride ourselves on the exceptional porch kits we can offer for properties across the UK, helping homeowners to make their properties that little bit more attractive, and even adding value to the property overall. We’re also ready to make a few suggestions for front porch ideas that can make your property more appealing, whether you’re looking to sell or just want to impress your friends. Read on below to see a few of our ideas for your entrance porch, or contact…

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Front Porch Extension Ideas to Improve Its Use and Look

Here at The Porch Specialist, we take pride in the stunning range of porch kits we have available for our customers in the UK, as well as our ability to craft bespoke pieces upon request. We’ve had years of experience in putting our own designs together, and we’ll be happy to suggest a few porch extension ideas and uses for your own planned home improvement feature. Read on to learn more about what you can do with a front porch once it’s been installed on your property, or contact us today if you already know…

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A Professional Look at Different Porch Styles and Designs

High Brick Plinth Porch Oak Truss

When you’re picking out the ideal porch to offer your property curb appeal, storage space and protection from the elements, choosing the style that suits your home best can often be a challenge. That is why we’ve created this guide, to help you sort through the porch styles and designs to find your perfect match with little to no frustration. At The Porch Specialist, we can provide you with a ready-made porch kit to complete the look of your home, if you have already come across a style that you know you’d like. Alternatively, read…

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