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Bring Traditional Charm to Your Property With a Brick Porch

Brick Porches Built to Last At The Porch Specialist, we can bring a catalogue of brick porch kits to homes across the UK, giving you the open or enclosed porch you have always wanted to impress your friends and loved ones. We will make you the master of your own work project, by giving you the porch kit that will match your home’s specifications exactly as you have always imagined. If you have been searching for the classically designed wood and brick porch to complete the look of your property, then you have come to…

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Front Porch for Classic Curb Appeal

Looking for a traditional wooden front porch? Here at The Porch Specialist, we are passionate about providing a stunning range of durable, classically designed and traditionally made front porches for homes across the UK, giving our customers an entrance to their home that their friends and loved ones will admire for years to come. Become the master of your property’s DIY and home improvement by purchasing one of our large or small front porch kits, and complete a full installation of your own purchase whenever you want! We design and manufacture every product we make…

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Install a Porch Timber Canopy

Porch canopy

Install a Timber Porch Canopy to Bring Charm and Value to Your Home At The Porch Specialist, we have a fantastic range of stylish, hard-wearing and easily installed porch canopies that will cover any entrance or exit and provide the solution to making your home look as welcoming as you want it to. Have your guests greeted by a traditionally made porch canopy that you have built and installed yourself, basking in the achievement of having carried out your very own home improvement project. We are certain it will impress your friends and family, too!…

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Add Instant Kerb Appeal to Your Property

Darren Hook, Managing Director of The Porch Specialist, discusses how porches can instantly boost your home’s kerb appeal. As winter approaches, porches fast become a doorstep must-have for homeowners prone to either fumbling for house keys at the bottom of their bag or juggling with the shopping after a weekly trip to the supermarket. Porches can be a real benefit at this time of year, but they can also prove to be a great asset for a home’s overall aesthetic. Generally speaking, you won’t require planning permission if your porch falls within a certain criteria….

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