Beautiful Oak Framed Porches

We understand that there’s nothing quite like being the master of your own building project, complete with your own work schedule and no deadline to meet. That’s why we at The Porch Specialist are happy to prepare high quality, easily-installed porch kits for you to place on your home, helping you and every other customer we have to become DIY porch builders in your own right, with your own timetable and no time lost looking for third party labour.

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We have years of experience in offering our timber and oak porch kit building services across the UK, and by delivering a product to you, we’ll be helping to put you in charge of your installation project. This will also help to save money from your budget, as you won’t have to worry about paying for the building work to be done.

We have years of experience in offering our timber and oak porch kit building services across the UK, and by delivering a product to you, we’ll be helping to put you in charge of your installation project. This will also help to save money from your budget, as you won’t have to worry about paying for the building work to be done.

Everything you need for your porch will be included in the kit, which we will have crafted to your exact specifications beforehand. So, if you are ready to get started on your next building project and would like it to be something which adds charm and value to your home, take a look at our porch range. We’ll be waiting to put a kit together as soon as you get in touch to place an order.

How We Prime Our Wooden Porch Kits

To make sure that our customers can become the porch builders they need for their homes, we prime all of our oak and timber porch kits for a swift assembly and easy installation. This ensures that building the product you want will not be too much trouble, if you’ve had some previous DIY experience. We do this by employing a series of traditional jointing techniques, which involves cutting the frames so that each piece of your kit will slot neatly together. 

We believe in providing as much assistance as we can, so we will always provide an easy-to-follow instruction manual with every kit. You may also be happy to find out that planning drawings are always available on request.

The Porches We Offer

We have a variety of beautiful back and front porch designs to offer our customers, whenever they are searching for the perfect home improvement feature to add to their property. Depending on which products you browse through, you may notice that each type of porch differs and will come with its own individual characteristics, such as balustrades, brick walls and mullions, but every porch roof will feature a gable end design. 

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Once you’ve made your selection, you will be given the opportunity to adapt your porch as you see fit, including modifying the features and changing the pitch of the roof design.

The wooden porches we have available in a range of kits include:

Each design we have can be manufactured in either green oak or Douglas-fir timber.

Our Style Options

As we aim to help you take the lead as a porch designer and builder for your own project, we make sure that each type of porch kit can be made and adapted to suit the style you would like most. This ensures that every customer can receive the porch which fits both their own personal tastes and the aesthetics of their property. 

So, if you would prefer your porch roof to have a higher or lower angle than originally offered, we can ensure this is reflected in the work. Similarly, if you’d prefer a straight front truss on your Wall Mounted porch, or render panels over balustrades on your Low Brick Plinth design, complete with mullions, we can make sure the right frame pieces are provided in your kit.

Working to Bespoke Requests

We often have customers come to us with a design already in mind for the front or back porch that will complete the look of their property. When this happens, we are more than prepared to assist in taking them on to the next stage of becoming porch builders for their own homes. We will do this by preparing their oak or Douglas-fir porch kit exactly as they have asked for it, and we are ready and willing to do the same for any wood porch plans you have as well. 

If you have an idea for the porch you’d like to see on your home, please don’t hesitate to tell us about it. Contact us with the design you would like and we’ll work with you to see it brought to life.

Making Our Customers Porch Builders

We’ve delivered our kits across the whole of the UK and the Channel Islands and we have a gallery stocked with pictures from a variety of places our porch kits have been put together. Browse through the images we have and see if you discover new inspiration for your own porch design? We will be happy to put a kit together for you, should this happen.

You may also come across a design that you like, but you also know that it’ll only be perfectly suited to your property once a few modifications have been made. In these cases, our product builder will be ready and waiting on every product page. This quick, clever online tool is completely free of charge and shows you every potential feature that can go into your eventual porch’s design. By selecting different styles and elements, you can mix and match your kit’s parts and get an idea of what it will look like when it is complete. 

By utilising the product builder, you can ensure that you get the porch type and design exactly as you want it to look, whether you’re imagining a grand entrance over your front door to impress your friends and neighbours, or something simple to just keep the weather out of your entryway.

Why Choose Us?

We are passionate about providing high-quality oak and timber porch kits for our customers to build, and we are glad to say that there are many reasons they choose us for their own home improvement features. We’re also happy to explain each of these reasons whenever you’re considering building a porch onto your home:

Wood from Sustainable Sources: Each kit we make is sourced from the finest green oak and Douglas-fir timber we have available. This is all grown on a specially designated site in France, with three new saplings planted in the place of every tree we use. This keeps our work sustainable, ensuring a steady supply of products for a long time to come.

We Minimise Waste: Our trees are cultivated to be as tall and straight as possible, allowing us to use more of the material and ensuring that less of it goes to waste.

Thorough Timber Grading: Once the timber has reached our site, our team of trained and dedicated carpenters and timber graders will carefully check each piece for flaws or faults that would prevent any kit from achieving full structural integrity. If they find any wood which can’t be used, it will be responsibly recycled, ensuring that only the strongest timber goes into our work.

Assisted by Technology: We use modern technology to help prepare every part of your kit. This ranges from machinery which allows greater accuracy and levels of detail during the grading process, picking up details that the human eye would miss, to equipment which offers precise cutting for each kit’s frame. This completely rules out human error, ensuring that each porch can eventually be put together and look exactly as the purchaser wants it to.

Q-Mark Equivalent Products: We craft our porch kits to the high standards set out by Exova BM TRADA. As such, you may rest assured that your porch kit has been made to guidelines set out by the industry.

Buy Your Build From Porch Making Professionals Today

If you have been searching for a wooden porch kit to turn into your ideal home DIY project, The Porch Specialist is here to help.

We will manufacture the kit that suits your specifications exactly, working with you to ensure that each part is made to the requirements you’ve set with us. Then, as soon as the kit has been delivered to your door, you will be able to get started on transforming your property.

Contact our team via phone or email today and we’ll be happy to help you design your porch kit, before getting it ready for the easy build you need. This will all start with a discussion of what you’d like and once we have a list of everything that should go into the manufacture, we’ll inform our carpenters so that they can start their work. It’ll be ready to send to you as soon as the work is signed off.

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