Here at The Porch Specialist, we take pride in the stunning range of porch kits we have available for our customers in the UK, as well as our ability to craft bespoke pieces upon request. We’ve had years of experience in putting our own designs together, and we’ll be happy to suggest a few porch extension ideas and uses for your own planned home improvement feature.

Read on to learn more about what you can do with a front porch once it’s been installed on your property, or contact us today if you already know what you’d like for your dream installation. We’ll do everything we can to make it a reality for your home.

Front Porch Extension Design Ideas

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Finding the porch which suits your existing home will always be the first step in planning your home improvement project. Browsing our porch designs may help you to pick out the style which matches all your planned ideas. Whether you’re looking for a wide open and welcoming porch to greet your guests or a small, modern canopy to add character and an interesting focal point for your front door, your ideas can easily be taken into account.

You may also decide to incorporate windows and doors into the plan of an enclosed porch, in order to create a closed space that protects the original front door from the elements while still offering a view of the outdoors and letting light into your porch.

Front Porch Extension Decorating Ideas

Depending on the size of your planned front porch entrance, you may have a range of options for decorating the space it provides. We also know that you’ll want these ideas to be as unique to your tastes as the rest of your home, so you may decide to mix and match features and elements that you find most appealing and that fit the space you have available.

For instance, if you’ve decided to install a small, open porch that lets in a lot of sunlight, you may decide to place potted plants around it. This offers a touch of colour to the space and brings a charming aesthetic to the front of the house. You may even consider adding a small garden statue or another feature as an embellishment.

If you have a larger front porch, you might even decide to add in a small bench to sit on and admire your front garden. Some guests to your home may also appreciate a spot to rest before you’ve answered your front door.

Colour and Paint Ideas for Your Front Porch Entrance

When you’re thinking of adding a porch to your home, one of the first decorative ideas you’ll need to decide on will be the colour of the finished installation. If your chosen design is mostly wood, this could mean painting over the frames to match the colour scheme of your property. 

Some homes, such as modern red brick houses, may even allow unpainted frames to blend in naturally. This can also apply to older properties, where the natural wood colour offers a timeless, countrified look. Varnishing the wood will also help to keep it in good condition, so that it will stay bright and appealing for a long time to come.

Front Porch Extension Lighting Ideas

If you have a good amount of experience with wiring lighting, or if you are an electrician by trade, you may decide to add in a light fixture to your porch. This might not be the first feature you imagine when installing a timber-framed porch structure, but it can offer your property increased security and visual appeal at the same time.

The improved visibility at night will allow anyone coming home to see their keys and the lock on their door more clearly, while also deterring potential intruders who are likely to feel exposed and are more easily spotted. If you have pets who like to wander outdoors at night, having a light might also let you know if they’re ready to come in.

If your budget won’t extend to fitting lighting inside your porch, or even if you’re looking to make the lighting decorative as well as for security purposes, you can cover both elements by fitting string lights around the inside of your porch roof. 

Front Porch Extension Storage Ideas

We all know the importance of having a place to put muddy shoes, or to take off your coats, especially when the UK is often faced with unpredictable weather. Adding an enclosed porch to your property between two external doors gives you the perfect room to store as many coats and shoes as you need. This allows them the space they need to dry off, while keeping your living room or hallway floor clean.

If you’re not planning on installing an outside door with the rest of your porch, you might also make it the perfect safe spot for couriers to drop off packages and parcels. With online deliveries on the rise in the modern day, this might come in useful if you can’t be there because you’re at work.

Planning Permission for Front Porch Extension Ideas

When planning any front porch extension ideas, you should always be aware of the possibility of planning permission. This will normally apply if your porch falls outside of the guidelines for permitted development. 

If you live in England, your porch will not usually require planning permission unless it:

  • Has a ground floor area that exceeds three square metres
  • Has a height that exceeds three metres above ground level (this includes roof designs)
  • Is located within two metres of any boundary around your property

If you live in Wales or Scotland, these guidelines may differ. 

To find a more comprehensive guide on regulations for building a porch in the UK, please see our guide on planning permission and porches. To learn more about regulations in your local area, please contact your local planning authority.

Create Your Perfect Porch Ideas with Our Help

Whether you’ve always wanted that little bit of extra room to put coats, bags, and shoes, or even if your plan is to create a whole new look for the front of your property, The Porch Specialist is here to help.

We’ll be glad to craft the porch kit that brings all your needed design elements and ideas together, so you’ll be able to decorate and use your porch as you wish once it’s been installed. The kit will be delivered to you after the work has been signed off, so you’ll be in charge of your own build from that moment onwards.

Get in touch with us and one of our friendly team members will be glad to discuss any specifications you have before our master carpenters start work on your very own porch kit.

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