Looking for a traditional wooden front porch?

Here at The Porch Specialist, we are passionate about providing a stunning range of durable, classically designed and traditionally made front porches for homes across the UK, giving our customers an entrance to their home that their friends and loved ones will admire for years to come.

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Become the master of your property’s DIY and home improvement by purchasing one of our large or small front porch kits, and complete a full installation of your own purchase whenever you want!

We design and manufacture every product we make with your individual needs in mind, not sparing a single detail in getting you the front porch you deserve for your home. So, if you have your heart set on a beautiful, timeless porch for the façade of your property, whether you need it large or small, explore the options we have and find the design which complements your home completely. 

We design and manufacture every product we make with your individual needs in mind, not sparing a single detail in getting you the front porch you deserve for your home. So, if you have your heart set on a beautiful, timeless porch for the façade of your property, whether you need it large or small, explore the options we have and find the design which complements your home completely. 

Our Front Porches and Their Design

We take great pride in the front porch design ideas we have on offer, and are more than happy to explain to our customers how each of these came to be, right from the very start of the process. Grown sustainably on a site in rural France, each of our front porch kit designs is made from the highest quality green oak or Douglas-fir we have at our disposal. These trees are cultivated to be as tall and strong as they can be, providing us with more and better timber for our products. It also minimises waste and leaves more room for us to plant three more trees in the place of the one we last used, keeping our work more environmentally sustainable.

When the wood is transferred to our workshops, the first people it will see will be our team of skilled and experienced carpenters and timber graders. They will inspect each piece meticulously, checking them for flaws or faults which might have an impact on the quality of the timber. Even one weak piece of timber can affect the structural integrity of a kit, so these pieces will be responsibly recycled instead.

Bespoke Front Porches

Had an idea for your very own front porch? You’re not the only one! Customers often come to us with design drawings and specifications in hand so we can get started right away on crafting the porch they have always dreamed of owning. We love being able to help our customers with their bespoke design ideas for extensions, so we will do everything we can to make yours to your exact specifications. 

Whether you have been designing a wall mounted porch canopy to add a cute, countrified charm, or need a full height porch complete with balustrading and a king post truss to make a grand, statement entrance to your home, our trained and qualified carpenters are ready and waiting to tackle the task.

Our Product Builder

We have a wide pictured range of previous designs and styles available for a quick browse, so you can get a sense for what other customers have loved about our work before. If you then discover that some of these elements will be ideal for your own home but they require some modifications, our online product builder can help you to put together the exact porch kit that you would like.

This clever and efficient tool has helped happy customers right across mainland UK and the Channel Islands to pick their very own front porch design idea, and can show you each of our available styles. You will be put in complete control of your porch kit’s overall look, deciding on every aspect from the shape of the truss to the degree of the porch roof canopy pitch. You will even be able to decide if your design features dwarf walls or mullions!

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why customers make us their first choice when picking out the extension that fits their property perfectly. We’ll be more than happy to explain each of these reasons in greater detail, as well:

Sustainably Sourced Timber – All of our products, whether large or small, open or covered and enclosed, are made from the same sustainably sourced oak or Douglas-fir timber, grown on a specially selected site in France. We plant three more trees for every one we use, ensuring that we will be able to supply high quality products for years to come.
All Timber is Graded and Checked – Our team of carpenters and timber graders are ready and waiting to thoroughly check each piece of timber we have available, preventing any pieces with weaknesses from accidentally being used in our work. They will make sure only the strongest wood is used to make the extensions you deserve for your home.
The Latest in Technology – We use state-of-the-art equipment to scan for even the most miniscule of imperfections in wood before the crafting process begins, and to make each piece to precision accuracy, keeping each part exactly the same in every kit of that type.
Q-Mark Equivalent Products – All of our porch ideas, from their type and style to their design, match the standards set by Exova BM TRADA, meaning you can trust that you will be getting one of the best quality front porches available.

Our Front Porch Kits are Designed for Easy Assembly

Each kit is designed using the latest in woodwork technology, allowing our team to work with complete precision when working. This means that every porch design can be made to your exact specifications, whether you are looking for a small, wall mounted canopy or need a completely covered porch and would like something at full height. 

The jointing technique you will use to put your kit together also ensures the easiest build possible, if you have had some experience with building home projects before, and we always add an instruction manual to every delivery for further information. We will even be able to produce planning drawings for you, upon request.

Front Porch Costs

You may also wish to consider the budget you have before any work is started on building your porch kit, as the price on your purchase may vary for a number of different reasons. This could be anything from the style of front porch you chose to install, to the features you wish to have added to the design. Each porch we sell is therefore calculated at an individual cost.

We understand that calculating the costs of work you’ve wanted done for a long time can be stressful. That is why we are more than happy to help with prices, by competitively matching every one of them to meet the target you have set. We can also go over the costs with you before you place your order. To use this service of ours, simply get in touch with us today via phone or email, explain the work you wish to complete in as fine a detail as you can and we will return with a free estimate on the price of getting it ready for you. 

You will also be delighted to find that your new oak or timber framed porch will cost you less than building a porch made from any other material. Even a small porch made from brick, cement or uPVC will take more time to build, use up more materials and need a larger workforce. As such, no matter if your timber front porch is large, small, open or covered, you will be saving yourself money!

Looking to Build Your Own Front Porch?

For the long-lasting, easily-built porch kit you need to complete the look of your UK home’s frontage, call The Porch Specialist today. We can supply you with everything you need to build the front porch you have been imagining, and will make it our aim to see that you get exactly what you want in your purchase.

Your porch kit will be ready and waiting for its installation from the moment it is signed off and shipped to you, saving you time and money on the cost and complications of unnecessary labour. The traditional jointing techniques used to put the kits together also ensure a swift and simple build, with instruction manuals providing backup support.

Call or email us with your front porch idea and one of our dedicated team members will be delighted to have a chat with you about your requirements, before our workshop team can finally go to work to build your long-awaited kit.

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