Adding Curb Appeal with Front Porch Ideas in 2021

High Brick Plinth Porch Curved Truss

At The Porch Specialist, we pride ourselves on the exceptional porch kits we can offer for properties across the UK, helping homeowners to make their properties that little bit more attractive, and even adding value to the property overall. We’re also ready to make a few suggestions for front porch ideas that can make your property more appealing, whether you’re looking to sell or just want to impress your friends.

Read on below to see a few of our ideas for your entrance porch, or contact us right away if you’re ready to place an order for the design that will complete your home.

Our Designs and Porch Ideas

Whenever you’re looking to decorate your home or to add a feature with practical use, the first step should always be to pick out the design that you know will suit your needs best. Porch designs in the UK tend to be small, with a focus on weather protection, extra security, and added decorative appeal. However, it is also possible to pick out a larger entrance porch if you have room on your property, which may offer you a range of further ideas, including plans for outdoor seating and spaces for storage or hobbies.

Knowing what you need is the first step to picking out the ideal design for your front entrance. By taking a look at our porch design ideas here on our website, you’ll be able to decide on the style of porch you need to fully complete your plans. Whether you need a large enclosed space to store coats and shoes while keeping the rain fully off your front door, or just want a small canopy design to create an interesting focal point for the front entrance of your home, we’ll be able to provide it for you to build.

Below, we’ve listed the kits we’ll craft so that you can plan out and create front porch design ideas in the UK:

Whether you need an entire timber design to complete your plans, or think that a partially brick porch will suit all your needs better, we can make it available for you.

Painting Your Front Door and Ideas for Decorating Your Porch

Once your front porch has been installed, it will be ready to decorate as you’d like to see it, as well as how you want friends and other guests to see it when they visit your property. With a timber porch design, one of the easiest ways to do this is to paint it. You’ll have the freedom to choose which colours you’d like, though we’d highly recommend a bright white paint for red brick homes to offer a clean, contemporary finish.

If you have an older property, or a property with an exterior in colours such as brown, tan, or off-white, you may also find that leaving the porch unpainted will allow it to blend seamlessly in with the rest of the design. This creates a timeless look and appeal to your property, with the wood being kept in its best condition through varnishing.

Porch canopy

Adding Plants to Wooden Porches

If you’d like to add a further touch of colour to the front entrance of your home, you may consider adding plants around your porch. These may be real or fake (if you don’t want to deal with their upkeep), in pots on the ground or in hanging baskets, or even climbing up the sides of your porch if you’d like to create a new, green wall or roof. Climbing plants will easily attach to timber frames, and should get all the sunlight they need when cultivated and encouraged to grow.

Plants are bound to add a touch of countrified charm to your property, especially if you love gardening and have a large green space outside your home already.

Installing Lighting Over Your Front Door

If you’ve got a good amount of experience with wiring lighting, or if you’re a trained electrician, you might also consider adding lighting inside your porch. This doubles up as an extra security feature, and depending on the type of lighting you choose, you might also be adding attractive or interesting aesthetics to your home at night. 

Anyone coming home late will be able to stand under your new porchlight and see their keys and the lock on the door, no matter how dark it is outside, and anyone thinking of intruding is likely to feel exposed and reconsider their own plans. If you have pets who like to wander outside, you’ll also be able to see when they’re ready to come back in.

To add that little bit of extra light to an enclosed porch during the day, you may also consider your options for windows and doors. Having glass doors and extra windows in place will allow sunlight to stream through, naturally illuminating the space.

Making the Most of Front Entrance Porch Ideas

The size of your porch can often allow you to do more with the space or features they provide, especially if you have an enclosed porch or one which offers more shelter. Enclosed porches can often give you the opportunity to carry out some interior design work by fitting your own flooring or carpets, laying down rugs, or putting up wallpaper as you see fit.

Once these basics are covered, you can then decide how you’d like to make the most of the interior space. If you wanted the porch for practical uses, this might mean installing hooks for hanging up coats, or putting racks or low shelving units inside so that you, your family, and any guests to your home have a place to store their shoes. 

If you’ve got a larger, more open porch and you like to make the most of good weather while you’re outdoors, you might also consider setting down a bench or placing a table, some chairs, or other furniture fit for the outdoors. From there, you’ll then be able to sit and admire your front garden, or carry out a hobby such as writing or drawing, and your guests will have a comfortable place to wait if they come to visit.

Find Porch Design Ideas Here in the UK 

If you’ve planned for a porch on your property, either for practical use or to turn into an aesthetically pleasing home improvement feature, get in touch with The Porch Specialist today. We’re fully prepared to craft the kit you need to build your very own front porch, which you’ll then be able to decorate and use for any number of things. 

Each kit also comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual, so if you’ve had some previous DIY experience you should be able to carry out a simple and swift assembly and installation on a schedule that suits you. 

Contact us on the phone or send us an email and one of our team will be ready and waiting to talk about your design ideas and specifications, before they help you place an order for the perfect porch to add appeal to your property.

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