A gazebo can be a stylish and functional space within your garden, used for relaxation, entertainment, dining, and more. Whether looking to install a gazebo within your garden or decorate an existing one, you’ll have a variety of choices to make. In this guide to gazebo ideas from The Porch Specialist, we’ll explain the essential decisions you can make, from the design of your gazebo to its decoration, and finally what you’ll be using it for.

Gazebo Design Ideas

A gazebo is a long-standing tradition in garden design, occurring within the stately gardens of England and the Zen Buddhist temples of Japan alike. When looking to add a gazebo to your garden you’ll have a range of design ideas to choose from, helping you imitate a classical look, or opt for a more modern style.

Lean-to gazebo

A Lean-to Gazebo

Perfect for creating a covered garden space connected to your property, or for making the most of limited space within a city garden, a lean-to gazebo will connect to your house, either over decking or paving. Typically constructed with a flat roof at an angle, a lean-to gazebo can be a thin border to your property, or be built in larger dimensions to fit a dining table. A lean-to pergola can create a bridge between your house and garden.

Standalone Gazebo

A Standalone Gazebo

For a classical look, a standalone gazebo can make a stunning focal point within your garden. Whether nestled within trees or raised on decking, an outdoor gazebo will create a shaded space for you, however you choose to use it. When opting for a standalone gazebo, designs such as a four-sided roof can be used to allow it to drain effectively. This can be a great idea for a more traditional gazebo, complementing a larger outdoor living space.

Octagonal Gazebo

An Octagonal Gazebo

For a larger gazebo within a classical garden, opting for an octagonal roof can create a beautiful space, reminiscent of a bandstand. Ideal if looking for an eye-catching larger gazebo, opting for an octagonal design over a raised decking can be perfect for summer parties, used for catering, music, dancing and more.

Japanese style gazebo

A Japanese Style Gazebo

Spotted within the traditional gardens of japan, often by ponds or streams, a Japanese gazebo with a curved roof can help to give your own garden a unique look. These curved gazebos will look brilliant when combined with water features, or alternatively when nestles within manicured bushes. If you’re looking to create an exciting and unique place to spend time in your garden, then maybe a gazebo with Japanese design elements could be right for you.

Gazebo Decoration Ideas

While a plain wooden gazebo can be a striking presence within a garden, there are a variety of options for decoration, helping it to blend in or stand out, and allowing it to be used into the evening.

Decorating a gazebo with plants

Decorating a Gazebo With Plants

Your gazebo can be integrated into your garden through the use of plants. Running plants like honeysuckle or clematis can be twisted up the side of each pillar, giving a natural covering across your gazebo. Alternatively, hanging baskets can allow you to host a wider array of plants, giving colour to your gazebo. You can opt for a differing array of seasonal plants, to give year-round coverage, or focus on those that will bloom during the summer to ensure maximum colour throughout the warmest months.

Decorating a Gazebo With Screening

Decorating a Gazebo With Screening

Screening on a gazebo can serve two important purposes, giving you privacy and offering protection from the sun. They can be installed on one or more sides, perfect for giving you a shaded view of your garden, or obscuring specific lines of sight. Screens and curtains come in a range of styles and colours, with many options that can be attached and removed as needed.

textile awning in the backyard gazebo with a garland of strings of retro edison lamps lighting glowing with warm light closeup, nobody.

Decorating a Gazebo With Lighting

When looking to use a gazebo for socialising, lighting can allow you to host friends and family long into the evening. There will be a few options available to you, from string lights that give a modern look and a general covering of light, to dangling lights, which can be positioned at important points, such as over a dining table. For a more rustic look, traditional lamps or candle jars can be hung, allowing you a classical dining experience.

Ideas For Your Gazebo

The open design of a garden gazebo allows it to be used in a huge variety of ways, with its roof offering extra protection from the elements. Here are just a few of the gazebo ideas you could opt for.

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Shaded Relaxation Spot

A benefit of a gazebo roof, potentially combined with a choice of screening, is allowing you to make the most of an outdoor space that would otherwise be too sunny. Whether looking to read, relax, or entertain, a garden that can otherwise be a sun trap can be tempered through the use of a gazebo, affording you warmth, light, and comfort.

Hot tub

A Covered Hot Tub

A pergola can make a beautiful covered roof for a hot tub, allowing it to be used throughout the year, and offering a great way to add a source of light to your hot tub. Installing your gazebo over a hot tub and decking combination can give you a stunning all-in-one timber construction.

Dining in a gazebo

Dining Area

A larger gazebo, whether in a lean-to design or standalone, can be perfect to create a covered dining area within your garden. Garden designers can incorporate lighting by installing hanging bulbs above a table, allowing it to be used for an evening meal, or opting for running plants and hanging baskets can make it perfect for a summer lunch. Whether opting for a sleek modern design, or a more elaborate traditional look, a gazebo can transform your garden dining experience.

Garden party in a gazebo

The Heart of a Garden Party

A larger gazebo within a garden can be the perfect place to host a summer party within a larger garden. A gazebo, such as a standalone octagonal design, can be used as a place to distribute food and drinks, or maybe as the location for a small band entertaining a garden party. The cover and lighting options on your gazebo can also allow a garden gathering to continue into the night.

Bespoke Gazebos Kits From The Porch Specialist

The Porch Specialist sells bespoke gazebo kits across the UK, designed at our Sussex workshop and built from sustainable timber. Whatever your needs, be that a smaller gazebo for relaxation or a larger standalone model for garden parties, we can build you a quality kit, that can be assembled at home. We offer no-obligation quotes on all of our product range, so whatever your needs in a beautiful wooden gazebo contact a member of our team today.