Having a gazebo in your garden offers both fun and functionality with a range of versatile ideas for use. But when you want to build your own wooden gazebo, how do you maximise both aesthetic appeal and practicality? This guide on gazebo roof ideas has the answers.

Learn more about how you can uniquely utilise the roof of a wooden gazebo and complete your garden space, or contact us if you want specialist assistance creating your build first.

Roof Design Options

Empty Wooden Gazebo In Summer In The Park

Hip Roof

This is the classic roof style for a gazebo and may be one of the first design options you consider when thinking about the latest addition to your garden. Pyramid-shaped, the gently sloping sides of these roofs meet at a single peak to form an aesthetically pleasing and traditional design.

flat roof gazebo

Flat Roof

Flat roof gazebos are less common in the UK, but having one in your garden can offer a wonderfully Mediterranean feel. This will be especially true when the weather is warmer and you can enjoy sitting outside with friends and family.

Low Brick with Mullions Render

Lean-To Roof

If you are intent on creating a covered garden space that connects to your property, or if you have a smaller garden and would like to make the most of limited space, a lean-to gazebo is what you need. 

Typically constructed with a flat roof at a slight angle, these structures can become a conduit space between interiors and exteriors, or they can stand alone as their own covered area. They can also be made thin to act as a walkway or wide enough to accommodate a dining table.

gable ends on a garage

Gable End Roof

Much like the hip roof style, gable end roofs offer a timeless aesthetic. Elegant and easily created from multiple materials, a gable end roof may be what you need for your garden gazebo if you want a traditional-looking space to dine and relax in the summer.

Singapore- 16 Oct, 2021: Gazebo Or White Bandstand At Singapore

Octagonal Roof

Larger gazebos in precisely-cultivated and managed gardens may benefit from the distinguished appeal of an octagonal gazebo. This would, naturally, require an octagonal roof. These structures are particularly eye-catching and would put guests and visitors in mind of delightfully old-fashioned bandstands from days gone by.

Tiered Roof

Another example of older architecture is the tiered roof. These can be manufactured as a “double roof”, or tiered with a cupola.

Japanese style gazebo

Tiered Roof

Another example of older architecture is the tiered roof. These can be manufactured as a “double roof”, or tiered with a cupola.

Barrel Top Roof

One of the more unusual shapes for a gazebo roof design is the barrel top roof. The continuous arch in this design’s wooden frame creates a wonderful curve that is bound to draw the eye, while also giving the impression of a larger design than a square or triangular roof might.

Another benefit to a round roof design is the ease with which rainwater will run off the sides. This is extremely useful for protecting your structure in a country like the UK, where the weather is typically wetter.

Gazebo with an Asian-style roof

Asian Style Roof

These roof styles are common in Japanese gardens, and often overlook stunning water features. If your ideal outdoor living space features a pond or stream, alongside rock gardens and highly-manicured bushes and cultivated plants, then a gazebo in this style may help you to complete the aesthetic appeal.

Roof Material Options

Once you have decided on the style or design of roof that you would like, you will then need to think about the materials you would like your roof to be made from:

wooden gazebo roof

Wooden Roof

A traditional material like wood offers a range of benefits to gazebo roof designs. Not only does it offer a classical charm and appearance, but it also gains strength and durability over time. This leaves you with a solid roof (and structure overall) that also blends seamlessly with any modern or period architecture in the rest of your property.

gazebo with a tile roof

Tile Roof

Tile roofs are also particularly sought-after for their strength and aesthetics. There are many different tile materials that you can choose from. These include slate, natural stone, and clay.

Metal Roof

When paired with a mostly wooden frame, a metal roof can offer a rustic appearance that adds natural charm to your back garden. If you have an old-style barbeque and a picnic table, it can even create a quaint spot for having a long lunch or dinner on summer afternoons and evenings.

Plastic Roof

Plastic roofing may not be the first material you consider when thinking about gazebo roof ideas, but it can offer the same appeal as having a metal roof when applied correctly. Using a mix of clear plastic overlapped with opaque plastic can also offer you a range of options for light and shade, meaning you can decide whether you want to sit in the sun or cool off.

Thatch Roof

Thatch roofing is seeing a resurgence in popularity around the UK, especially in the countryside where this roofing style is also found on houses. If you would like your gazebo to take one step closer to the great outdoors, then a thatched roof might be the right option for you.

Painting and Decorating Options

Painting a Gazebo

There are a myriad of options available for painting gazebo roofing, from the standard “one colour” or “two colour” to two-tone options and more intricate designs. Deciding on these will be up to personal preference, but we would recommend a lighter shade like white on the rest of the structure and a darker shade like slate grey or navy blue on the roof.

backyard gazebo with furniture and hanging lights

Hanging Lights

You may want to sit in your gazebo late into the evening, in which case you will need lighting. Stringing hanging lights or lanterns around the underside of the roof will add a warm, gentle glow and add to the air of relaxation.

Plants and Gardening Ideas

Cultivating Climbing Plants

Climbing plants can easily be encouraged to cling to gazebo frames – especially those made of wood. The longer they are left, the higher they will climb, offering you the opportunity to have a completely covered and green gazebo, tended to entirely by you.

Vines climbing on the gazebo roof

Growing a Living Roof

You can even make the most of a roof space going spare by turning your gazebo roof into a living roof. This environmentally-friendly idea offers the best of both modern and traditional aesthetics, and you will be doing your bit for the environment by encouraging flora and fauna to thrive in your garden.

Begin Building Your Ideal Gazebo

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