This question might seem simple enough to answer, but at The Porch Specialist, we know that there is actually a wide range of factors at work when calculating the cost of a home improvement feature such as a porch. That’s why we have made this guide for our customers, detailing every part that you can expect to contribute to the cost of any new porch you plan to build for your property. 

We’ve also added in some information about how our service can help, if you’ve been searching for a reliable, experienced team to put together your perfect front or back porch. Read on to find out more about the porch components that could start to add up in your budget and how we can assist, or contact us right away if you’ve already decided on a design that you love and want to build on your home as soon as possible.

Our Porch Prices

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Like many oak and timber construction firms in the UK, most of our porch prices are calculated on an individual basis. As each design, style and any added features will vary depending on what our customers would like for their homes, the cost may add up or be reduced with every purchase. This is why we’ll work closely with you throughout the planning process, taking into account every specification you have and supplying quotes based on this. We’re also happy to offer competitive pricing, should you come to us with a cheaper alternative.

Factors in How Much it Will Cost to Build a Porch

It often comes as a surprise to homeowners just how many elements are involved in the cost of building a porch. Below, we’ve made a list of them so that our customers can be as fully informed as possible when planning their dream porch into their budget:

Your Chosen Porch Design

The type of porch extension you choose will always play a part in how much you can expect to pay. A different design may factor in different materials (or a greater amount of them), or allow for a host of styles and features that could add on to the overall price when you receive your invoice. From how you’ve decided to build the roof, to how open or closed you want it to be, every choice made in your porch’s design will have an impact on the price.

To take some examples from our own gable end storm porch collection, you may expect a price tag of around £1,221.85 for a simple Wall and Floor Mounted oak frame design, while a High Brick Plinth porch design could take you up to £1,715.92, because of the added cost of materials and difference in design.

The Size of Your Porch

The size of the porch extension is another important factor in how much it will cost overall, as a larger porch will mean more materials are needed to complete the build. For instance, out of our selection of available porches, a Wall Mounted canopy with an oak frame could cost something in the vicinity of £759.53, while a Full Height porch with added balustrading may cost £3,088.33, depending on the other features you choose for your design. 

Larger porches may also be subject to the Building Regulations and could require planning permission, which we will discuss more below.

Any Added Features After Installation

Once the installation is complete, there may be other features you’d like to add to enhance the use of your new porch. These range from doorbells and porch lights that increase visibility and security for your front door, to new windows and doors that can create a whole new, sheltered interior space. For some homes, adding a porch to the front of the property may also mean the driveway or paving outside needs extending, or reshaping to suit the new aesthetic. 

Each of these costs will have to be factored in separately to the price of your porch, but can be considered an extension of the overall cost.

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The Selected Materials

The materials you plan on using for your porch will often have a large impact on the overall price, and the more materials it takes to build the structure, the more this price will increase. That is why you may find it will cost more to build a new brick porch or a uPVC porch than it would to put together timber or oak framed porches. 

Our own porches are made entirely from timber and oak frames and come in readily-prepared kits, so you will never have to worry about the costs being driven up by the need for more materials. Everything you need for your installation will be included in the delivery.

The Cost of Labour

When the time comes for your porch to be installed, you’ll also need to factor in how much it will cost for someone to put it together and install it on your property. The average cost for the labour needed to build a porch usually ranges between £150 and £300 per day, with the work taking around a week to be fully complete. 

This is where our very own wooden porch kits may save you both time and money, as you will be provided with everything you need to complete the build and installation process yourself. This means you won’t have to spend anything on the cost of a team of builders. You’ll also be in complete control of the work, so you’ll be able to get started on your porch building project as soon as the kit has been signed off and delivered to you.

If It Needs Planning Permission

The final point you’ll need to consider in the cost of building your porch is if it will need planning permission. In most cases this shouldn’t be a worry, as porches only will only need permission from your local authority if they are more than 3m in area when measured externally, more than 3m in height when measured from ground level and built less than 2m from your property boundary.

However, if your porch falls outside of these requirements it will be considered an extension by itself and you will need to pay for planning permission. The price varies depending on where you are in the UK, from anywhere between £150-£200 in England, to around £200 in Scotland and £230 in Wales.

Make Your Porch Plans a Budget-Friendly Reality Today

If you have been sitting on plans to build a new storm porch for the front or back of your property and the only factor holding you back has been the cost to your budget, then The Porch Specialist may just have the solution you need.

Our combination of competitive prices and costs calculated to your exact specifications keeps our porch prices as low as they can be. By creating every product in the form of a kit that you put together, we’ll also be helping you out by eliminating labour costs, as well as allowing you the chance to carry out your project at your own pace.

Browse through the porch designs we have available here on our website and choose the one you’d most like for your property before placing an order today. We’ll work closely with you to provide the high-quality kit that you need, at a price which will always be good for your budget.

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