Install a Timber Porch Canopy to Bring Charm and Value to Your Home

At The Porch Specialist, we have a fantastic range of stylish, hard-wearing and easily installed porch canopies that will cover any entrance or exit and provide the solution to making your home look as welcoming as you want it to.

Have your guests greeted by a traditionally made porch canopy that you have built and installed yourself, basking in the achievement of having carried out your very own home improvement project. We are certain it will impress your friends and family, too!

Everything we make is designed and created with your needs in mind, so if you have been looking for a beautiful new feature for your home that will withstand the weather for years to come, browse our range of wall mounted canopy porches today.

Types of Porch Canopy

We take great pride in the range of porches we offer in the UK and the Channel Islands, and our porch canopies are made to be the ideal choice for anywhere on your property. Whether you are looking to keep the rain out of your hallway when you open your front door, have been searching for the ideal decorative feature to complete and cover the way to your back garden, or simply want to add one of the UK’s most popular home improvement features to your property as well, then we can prepare any type of cover you need.

Our front and rear porch canopies are both prepared in the same way, using the most up-to-date machinery we have to ensure each piece of every kit is manufactured in the same way, with the same flawless results. This keeps every single one of our kits at the high quality you deserve for your home. The parts of each kit are also designed and created using traditional jointing techniques, so each part will slot together for the quick, easy assembly you need. If you have some DIY experience under your belt, you should have little trouble setting up your very own porch from our selection.

Styles of Porch Canopy

Every type of porch we have available can be made in a different style, keeping our range as open as you need it to be to complete the look of your home. Our highly experienced and fully trained carpenters will take every specification you have into account when preparing your kit, no matter if you know you need convex front beam ends, an open front truss or a roof pitch of any degree angle. Explore your options using our product builder on any product page on this site and you are bound to find the porch that is just right for your home. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via phone or email and one of our staff will be able to discuss everything we can put together for your porch canopy kit.

Our Product Builder

We often have customers come to us with design plans already in mind for the porch canopy they would like, or with their hearts set on creating their very own timber framed porches from a mix of the styles we have available. Fortunately, we are more than ready and willing to accommodate both, as we are always open to taking plans you have put together yourself, and our porch builder found on every page can help you to imagine the porch which will look best on your property. 

This specialist online porch designer can show you each of our styles, so you can change and choose each part as you like, whether your UK home needs a straight or curved front eaves beam, or a king post front truss to give it the grand, old classical design you have been looking for.

Benefits of Porch Canopy Kits

There are a myriad of benefits waiting to be discovered when you choose to browse our range of timber door canopies and covers. The first you should find is that porch canopies are easier to install than other types of porch kits, because they require no groundworks and are simply securely fitted to your wall instead. In turn, this also makes them more cost-effective, as you will save yourself time that would have been spent putting up a larger purchase and money on the extra parts. 

Wooden porch canopy kits are also perfect for reducing unnecessary labour costs and times because you will be in charge of every aspect of your building project, from assembling the kit to completing the installation. From the moment you receive your kit (about 6-8 weeks after the plans have been signed off), you will be able to decide when and where to install your purchase, with help coming from us in the form of an included instruction manual and planning drawings, if these are requested. Everything else will be completely up to you.

Porch canopies can also have long-lasting benefits for the rest of your home, as well as friends and loved ones who are entering or exiting your property. This is because they provide a wonderful shelter from the rain, covering your front or back door and leaving your hallway, kitchen or living room dry even when the door is open. This will allow you to receive deliveries, guests, or even give you a place to stand out of the elements if you should need it.

There are also plenty of aesthetic benefits to be found when you choose a timber porch canopy, as this type of porch will blend in seamlessly with any style of property already present. Whether you have an older property or a completely new build, your new purchase will match it entirely, adding a graceful charm and value to your home through an increased kerb appeal, should you ever choose to sell it. 

To find out more about what our range of porch canopies can bring to your home, please get in contact with us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and services.

Our Porch Costs

The price of a wooden porch canopy kit may vary, for a number of different reasons. These may be the style or type of canopy you have chosen for your home, as well as whether or not you have decided on bespoke features. Because of this, each porch canopy kit we sell will have its costs calculated for your individual case.

We understand that you may be planning your budget before you start work on installing any porches, so we will do everything we can to help. To begin, all of our prices can be competitively matched, keeping them as low as we possibly can to ensure that your planned work meets the money you have available. We can also help you go over the costs before you even begin placing an order. To do this, all you have to do is get in touch with us for a free, bespoke quote. You will be directed to add as many details about your proposed project as possible, as well as your contact details, and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you in no time to provide you with an estimated price. 

Call Us to Order Your Stunning New Porch Canopy

For a timeless, elegant and long-lasting porch kit created and supplied by a UK firm you know you can trust, call The Porch Specialist for a door canopy today. We love what we do and we want you to have the high quality, easy-to-fit new entryway to your home that you have always dreamed of, so we will do everything we can to build yours to your exact specifications.

Every porch kit we sell can save your budget money on labour costs, as well as time from its swift and simple installations. This is because of the traditional jointing techniques used to create each kit, as well as the instruction manuals we provide with every purchase.

Contact us to order your perfect front or rear door canopy today and one of our experts can discuss your requirements with you, before our carpenters get started on putting your kit together.

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