Pergola Roof Ideas for Added Shelter With Style 

Pergolas are all the rage in garden design.  A beautiful addition to any outside area, a pergola allows for a separated space dedicated to cool shade and attractive design. The traditional pergola, whether fixed or free-standing, comes with slats and beams instead of a roof. This allows for dappled sunlight and cool breezes to grace you through the cleverly designed gaps. But when the sunlight is harsh, or even if there’s summer rain, you may find yourself wanting more protection from your pergola.  As experts on garden buildings and pergola structures, we’ve compiled these fantastic…

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Pergolas on Decks: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve got your decking area all sorted in your garden, but it’s got something missing. Something to add a beautiful finishing touch to enhance its design and bring a sense of cohesiveness.  The perfect addition to your decking is a pergola. A pergola can provide a sanctuary area of cooling shade and add a delicate decorative aspect to your garden. It’s a beautiful structure that can separate an area on your decking for a particular purpose. A cosy reading nook, a gathering space, a relaxing space: the possibilities are endless! Pergolas can be relatively simple…

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7 Stylish Garden Pergola Ideas

Frame Outdoor Kitchen And Dining Area Under A Pergola At The Spa

Pergolas are a popular garden feature, used for relaxation, work, and socialising. If you are looking to install a pergola within your garden, or looking for new ways to decorate your pergola, our guide features 7 great ideas for making the most of a garden pergola. Whether looking for style, comfort, or function, our range of pergola ideas showcases just how adaptable a garden pergola can be. Alongside these garden design ideas, you’ll find some of the best choices for plants and lighting on a pergola. Installing a Pergola Over Decking Installing your new pergola…

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The Best Hot Tub Pergola Design Ideas For Privacy and Shelter

A pergola is a fantastic feature for any garden, but is a particularly perfect addition when built over your hot tub: not only does it add an attractive finishing touch to spruce up the area, but a pergola over your hot tub also provides privacy, so you can have peace in mind while enjoying a luxurious soak.  And, of course, it protects you from the British weather. A hot tub sheltered by a pergola with a roof enables you to use it year-round and really make the most out of it.  Building a wooden hot…

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How to Build a Wooden Pergola in Your Garden

Building a pergola can be a daunting task for a homeowner, with a suite of potential issues. In this guide from The Porch Specialist, we’ll take you through a step-by-step guide to building one of our wooden pergola kits in your garden, leaving you with a strong, sturdy installation.  A pergola is a great method of home improvement, creating a beautiful outdoor living space within your garden for entertaining, relaxation, or even work. The Porch Specialist offers bespoke pergola kits, designed around the needs of your outdoor spaces.  We’ll look at installing a freestanding pergola,…

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Purchase Your Luxury Pergola Design Today

If you’re interested in buying a pergola for your garden, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the different design options available. A pergola offers a wide range of options for your outdoor spaces, capable of being used as a workspace, a leisure space or simply as a relaxation space.  Pergolas can be attached to your house, installed above a patio or used as a standalone structure within your garden. In this guide, we’ll take a look at a range of pergola designs for your garden, explaining the utility of this traditional garden structure. We’ll cover…

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Beautiful and Practical Pergola Ideas

Oak frame pergola

A pergola can be the perfect addition to your garden, either attached to your house or as a garden island. There are many ideas to decorate your pergola, whether it’s small or large, whether it’s over a patio, a BBQ pit, or a coffee table. In this guide from The Porch Specialist, we’ll share with you some of the best design ideas for your pergola. A Brief History of Pergola Design The first recorded use of a pergola was for shade, by an Egyptian official in 1400bc. Using Pergolas for shade remains popular in the…

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Creating Charming Features with Rustic Porch Ideas in the UK

High Brick Plinth Porch Cottage

As expert providers of wooden porches, we are already skilled in adding timeless charm and aesthetic appeal to properties. This makes us the perfect team to turn to whenever you’re looking for rustic porch ideas in the UK, as our products will help to create the look you’ve been planning right from the very beginning. We can even help with a few suggestions on how to decorate your new, rustic porch to achieve the style you’ve been hoping for. Read on if you want to learn more, or call or email us right away if…

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Inspiring Open Porch Ideas for the Front and Back of Your Home

Beautiful front entrance of Southern home with open porch.

At The Porch Specialist, we are proud to offer our customers a variety of kits to turn into open front porches and back porches. With years of experience behind us in manufacturing a range of designs and ideas, we’re also fully prepared to offer suggestions for open porch ideas when our customers just can’t decide what to do with their new installations. Read on to find out more about what you could do with an open porch installed on your property, or get in touch with us if you already know what you’d like to…

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Wooden Porch Ideas To Spruce Up Your Porch

porch ideas

At first glance, it may not always look as though a lot can be done with a wooden porch in the UK. However, you may be pleased to discover that there are actually many styles, design options, and plans for usage that you can take advantage of when you install your own oak or timber-framed porch over any door to your property. As experts in the manufacture of stunning product kits, we can even lend a helping hand with our own wooden porch ideas. Read on if you would like to learn more about what…

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