A pergola will enhance your experience of your outside area, providing a separate garden sanctuary that can even be a multifunctional space. One of the best ways to make full use of your pergola is by installing a seating area.

This doesn’t just have to be a few quickly chosen chairs. We’ve compiled this creative guide to different garden pergola seating ideas for small pergolas, large pergolas, and everything in between.

Our 7 Favourite Pergola Seating Area Ideas

You’ll be able to maximise the enjoyment with this pergola seating design inspiration without having to undertake extensive installation works or break the bank

Big swing outdoor bed. Chaise longue in the garden in the pergola. Garden bed with pillows. Big outdoor bed for sunbathing and rest. Four garden bed. Bed in the garden in the pergola.

Create a Cosy Nook

One of the great benefits of a pergola is the way it carves out a separate space, however small, in your outdoor area that feels different to other parts. Whether you have a small or large pergola, wall-mounted or free-standing, you can create a small, cosy area with a seating design.

Go for a garden sofa with lots of cushions or even a hammock to create a little area where you kick back and relax with a book. You can even enhance this with special outdoor curtains for a real sense of cosy privacy.

Frame Outdoor Kitchen And Dining Area Under A Pergola At The Spa

Outdoor Dining Area

Alfresco eating is one of the great pleasures of having an outdoor seating area. With a pergola, this element of outdoor living is all the more enhanced. Get a table and chair set to fit under your pergola area.

If you have the space, a great addition to your pergola dining area is a pizza oven. Make your own pizza dough and enjoy it in a stone bake oven for a unique outdoor kitchen experience that will make all of your friends jealous. 

A dining area also perfectly complements a barbecue, a classic summer pastime. With a dining area under your pergola and a barbecue to boot, you can make the most of summer and have a dedicated space for gathering loved ones

Side view of a multi-generation Caucasian family sitting in the

Entertainment Area

Make the most of your pergola and patio space by fully utilising it as an entertainment area. Add a bar space so you can truly be the host with the most and make your guests all manner of drinks.

You can even do this with a small pergola, installing benches along the side and covering them with cushions for a simple pergola seating idea that’s easily achievable. Hang some outdoor fairy lights around the rafters of your pergola to truly create an attractive ambience. You can choose lights that change colour and brightness to better curate the mood you’re going for.

Beautiful backyard with a cozy fire pit and fountain

Fire Pit

Pergolas don’t just have to be for summer! To ensure you can utilise your pergola year-round instead of just in the warmer months, install a fire pit. This way, you can use your garden pergola seating even when it gets cold. 

Make sure you have some comfy outdoor seating like outdoor sofas and arrange them around the fire pit to make it your focal point. Get in some blankets that match the colour or pattern of your soft furnishings for a really cohesive look. You could even use your fire pit to toast marshmallows while you snuggle up with a hot chocolate for a wonderfully cosy winter night.

Swing Hanging On A Pergola Covering A Wooden Deck

Romantic Swing Chair

A swing chair is a unique garden pergola seating idea that lends a special sense of comfort and style to this area. A swing bench in particular can be a very romantic addition to your pergola, allowing you and a partner to cosy up together. Surround the swing with sweet-smelling plants for a truly charming vibe. Choose a wooden pergola for the best aesthetic. Oak framed pergolas will also give you a strong base for a swing chair that will hold the weight well.

Basket of geraniums and petunias hanging in a pergola.

Wicker and Plant Sanctuary

Make your pergola a plant haven with a beautiful mixture of potted plants and climbing plants. You can incorporate trellis panels into your pergola to allow support for a thick wall of vibrant flowers. This will add a beautiful fragrance that will reach its peak in summer. Hanging baskets work wonderfully as well. Pair your forest of flowers with wicker furniture to extend the natural theme and create a seating area in your little garden utopia.

3d Illustration Of Modern Urban Patio With White Bio Climatic Pe

Hot Tub

Is there any better seating than sinking into a bubbling jacuzzi? A pergola and a hot tub go hand-in-hand. Extend your patio space or decking area with a built-in hot tub. A hot tub will give you a year-round relaxation space that transforms your pergola.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes, all you need is a couple of chairs under a beautifully-crafted wooden pergola to enjoy your patio area. Get a couple of outdoor armchairs, a simple outdoor rug for a little decorative flair, add a few hanging baskets of plants, and you’ve got a pergola seating area that does the job perfectly.

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