Oak frame pergola

A pergola will enhance your outdoor living space, allowing for pockets of shade and a dedicated area to decorate and accessorise how you wish. Finding the right size is important, enabling you to ensure it fits properly in your garden – and looks good doing it. 

Too small and you may struggle to fit your furniture under it. Too big and your outdoor living space could end up looking overcrowded.

At The Porch Specialist, we have been designing and crafting oak-framed pergolas for customers in the UK for years. Our builds are made bespoke to custom requirements, meaning we have all the specialist knowledge you need to get your pergola dimensions right. 

Follow this pergola size guide based on our range and start on order for a bespoke pergola kit today.

Standard Pergola Sizes

Large Pergolas

If you have a big decking or patio area, or an expansive garden that you want to split into different sections, large pergolas are perfect for this. 

Popular large dimensions you’ll often see are:

  • Rectangular sizes like 6m x 3m (20ft x 10ft) and 3m x 4m(10ft x 13ft)
  • Square sizes like 10m x 10m (20ft x 20ft)

Medium Pergolas

Medium pergola sizes are great for many garden spaces and are versatile structures. You could use them to cover a smaller seating area or for a dedicated plant utopia. These sizes are great for hot tub pergolas.

  • Rectangular sizes 5m x 3m (17ft x 10ft)
  • Square sizes like 3m x 3m (10ft x10ft)

Small Pergolas

A small pergola can be a great addition to a garden with less space or even to just add a decorative flourish to a larger garden. You could use a small-sized structure as a kind of archway for a path, a pretty covering for a garden bench, or simply to grow plants up your pergola

  • Rectangular sizes as small as 1.8 x 1.2m (6ft x 4ft)
  • Square sizes like 2m x 2m (6.5ft x 6.5ft) or 2.5m x 2.5m (8ft x 8ft)

What Pergola Sizes in the UK Require Planning Permission

Swing Hanging On A Pergola Covering A Wooden Deck

An important factor to consider when choosing a pergola size is whether or not you’ll need to get planning permission. There is no universal answer for this but there are certain factors that will affect your need:


  • Within 2m of the boundary, your pergola must be no more than 2.5m (8’2”)
  • Further away from the boundary, your pergola can be 3m high  (9’10”)
  • An A-shaped roof, known as a pitched roof, can be no higher than 4m (13’)

You will definitely need planning permission if:

  • Your pergola covers more than half of the area of your land
  • Your pergola is at the front of your house
  • Your pergola is in a conservation area or on the side of your house between the boundary wall

At The Porch Specialist, our team are experts on planning permission and can assist you with applications or advice – just get in touch.

Our Timber-Framed Pergola Kits

Modern Trendy Design Pergola Arbor Made Of Metal And Plastic Par

We specialise in bespoke builds, allowing you to tailor your pergola size to your needs. With decades of experience in timber construction and garden buildings, we can help you design the perfect pergola that’s unique to your space.

We work with you to create detailed planning drawings and then meticulously craft the timber frames that make up our DIY pergola kits. These go through a rigorous quality assurance process by highly trained timber graders, ensuring the structural integrity and impeccable quality of your wooden pergola. 

Within 6-8 weeks of planning drawings sign-off, we deliver your pergola kit to your home for you to assemble. All of our kits are primed for easy assembly and come with detailed instructions that enable a swift installation process.

Build the Perfect Pergola With Our Specialist Help

Adding a beautiful feature to your garden is easy with The Porch Specialist. Our timber craftsmanship is a cut above the rest, made to exacting BM TRADA standards.

Whether you want a small, L-shaped pergola, a unique archway, or a large pergola to cover a full decking area, we’ve got you covered. We are experts in tailoring our builds to our customer’s needs, meaning you get the unique garden structure you wanted.

And if you need assistance in choosing the right pergola size for you, our specialist advisors are always on hand to share their knowledge and expertise. We are dedicated to close customer care, ensuring you have everything you need throughout the process. 

Just get in touch today to discuss your pergola plans or ideas.