How To Calculate the Cost of a New Porch

We’re fully prepared to provide our customers across the UK with the expertly made porch kits they need to complete their properties. With some help from our online porch cost calculator, you’ll even be able to find a design at a cost that suits your budget.

Find out how much it will cost to build your perfect porch here today, or get in touch if you want to speak to a team member before you place your order.

Using Our Price Calculator

We’ve got a great selection of back and front porch designs and styles for you to choose from, each of which can be crafted in the highest quality green oak or Douglas-fir we have available:

When you decide on something from this range and you click through to take a look you’ll also be getting access to our online porch builder, which comes with its own free, in-built price calculator. This quick, clever tool acts as an estimator for the cost of any design you’d like for your own home improvement feature.

All you’ll have to do to use it is click on the porch design you’d like, set out all the specifications you have, and choose the stylish features that you know will best suit your home. You’ll then be able to get a quote for the porch design created. By mixing and matching different features, you can also see how much it will cost to build different designs and styles that you might have been considering for your property. 

With our product builder and its price calculator close to hand you’ll be able to estimate the cost of any porch design you’d like to add to your home, and make notes on which is best for your budget if there are several designs you could easily imagine installing on your property. 

Use the estimator to pick out differences between prices, such as the porch roof pitch or the shape of your front truss, and find the one which works for you.



We have created a bespoke virtual builder to help your design your dream porch.

What You’ll Be Getting with Our Porch Building Kits

As well as a completely cost-effective feature for your home, you’ll also be getting a range of other benefits that come from buying a timber framed porch. You’ll be getting these right from the start, too, because we prime each of our porch building kits for easy assembly using a series of traditional jointing techniques. 

These techniques allow each part of the frames to slot neatly together, giving you the ease of a swift, simple build. If you’ve had some previous DIY experience and you follow the instruction manual we’ll provide with the kit, you should be able to install your porch in no time at all.

If you’ve been thinking of building a porch for some time and you already have your own ideas in mind for its design, we can also help you make them a reality. We’re fully prepared to offer bespoke designs when you know these would best fit your property, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like this service. 

We’ll price your product based on the size of the porch (offering a similar estimate to ready-made porches of the same size), so you’ll never have to worry about going over your planned budget just because you want something bespoke.

Why Choose Us for Porch Kits in the UK?

Our porch prices aren’t the only reason customers across the UK consistently choose us for their own home improvement needs, either. There are many reasons they continue to make us their first choice, a few of which we’ve detailed below for your consideration:

Our Sustainably Sourced Products: Every type of porch kit we produce is manufactured from the finest Douglas-fir and green oak we have available, which all comes from a specially designated site in France. All of these are cultivated to be as tall, straight, and strong as possible, so that more of the wood can be used in our work and less is wasted during manufacture.

For every tree we use in our work, we also make sure that three more are planted in its place. This keeps our work sustainable and allows us to keep competitive prices.

Offering Expert Timber Grading: Once the wood has reached our site, it’ll be checked over and thoroughly inspected by our team of carpenters and timber graders. They’ll look for flaws, warps, or other faults that could affect the strength of a kit. If any weak pieces are found, these will be responsibly recycled instead.

Precision Manufacturing: Our work is aided by state-of-the-art machinery, which offers highly accurate and efficient results at every stage. This rules out human error and mistakes which might otherwise happen when cutting the frames, so you’ll be guaranteed a perfectly strong kit that fits together as it should.

A Q-Mark Certified Process: Everything we do is carried out to guidelines and standards set by BM TRADA. This is widely considered one of the strictest and most respected certification panels in the UK, so you can feel confident knowing that your back or front porch has been made to industry standards.

Porch Building and Getting Planning Permission 

In most cases, you should find that our porch kits won’t need planning permission before you install them on your property. However, this does only apply if the design falls within the measurements allowed for permitted development. If you’d like to find out more about this before ordering a kit for your back or front door, please see our advice on planning permission and porches.

It should also be noted that you’ll need to pay a fee to submit a planning application. This will be £172 in England, £166 in Wales, and £202 in Scotland. To find out more about planning permission in your local area, please speak with your local authority. They’ll be able to provide you with more specific information.

What’s the Average Cost of an Oak or Timber Porch in the UK?

In the UK, you can normally expect to pay £1,500 or more for an oak or timber porch on its own. On top of this, you’ll most likely also have to pay for the porch roof to be pitched, for the base, blockwork, and concrete paving, and for any costs involved with third party labour. Altogether, you may find that costs to build your porch could exceed £4,000. 

With our service and by using our porch cost calculator, you’re more likely to find the kit design you need at a price that fits your budget, because we’ll keep all the costs together, from the porch roof down to the bricks it will sit on. As we’re providing you with a kit you can build yourself, we’ll also be helping to cut out the costs involved with third party labour, so you can more easily keep to the budget you’ve got in mind.

For a Finely Crafted Porch at a Price You’ve Chosen

Explore our website and find your ideal porch, before using our online estimator to work out the cost you’ll pay for it to be turned into an easy-build kit.

Our skilled and fully committed team will turn your specifications into a timelessly styled back or front porch design, which can then be built on a schedule you’ve set. 

You’ll be able to get started as soon as the work has been signed off and delivered, so contact us with the design you’d like and we’ll get to work as soon as we know you’re happy with the price.

Calculate the Cost of a New Porch with our Bespoke Builder