Porch Ideas to Help Inspire You

With spring now upon us, you may want to consider enhancing your home’s entrance way and front door.

TPS have over 30 years’ experience designing bespoke porches for customers around the UK and all timber we use is sustainably sourced and visually graded to ensure high quality standards are met.

Why Buy an Oak Porch?

There are a number of reasons why you may be considering an oak porch. Maybe you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your property’s entryway? Maybe your old porch has seen better days and you’re looking to invest in a new, oak-framed alternative? Whatever the reason, our 100% green oak porches combine traditional British appeal with modern craftsmanship, ensuring durability and style for years to come.

Ideas for Your Front Porch

We offer a range of front porches for almost any property. The entrance is the focal point of any property, and our oak framed porches are designed to enhance the appearance of all entryways. We have listed a few of our most popular porch kits below. Please explore and experiment with the different customisable options.

Wall Mounted Porch

Wall Mounted porch kitOne of the most popular porch kits we provide is the wall mounted porch. If you’re looking for a porch idea that is simple and quick to construct, this may be the choice for you.

Wall mounted porches are the most cost-effective design for enhancing your property’s entrance. At TPS, we also allow you to fully customise the design of your porch. You will be able to pick and choose the following options:

  • The size of your porch
  • Front elevation
  • Roof pitch
  • Beam style

If you’re looking to add quick curb appeal to your property, this is definitely the choice for you.

This kit includes: braces, tie beams, rafters, pegs, nails and assembly instructions.

Floor & Wall Mounted porch kit

Floor and Wall Mounted Porch

This design is similar to the standard wall mounted porch, the only difference being the front posts reach the floor. This is a more modern design and creates a more ‘complete’ entrance to your property. The benefit of this design is that the rear posts attached to the wall will take most of the weight, so the front posts only require a shallow pad foundation to rest the staddle stones on.

Low Brick Plinth Porch

Low Brick Plinth porch kit

Another popular porch idea is the low brick plinth design. This porch kit is ideal for those looking for full height posts and the option to add railings, mullions or rendering. This allows you to transform your porch into a semi-closed area (great for growing vines and other shrubbery).

Low Brick Plinth Porch with Render Panels and Mullions

This is the complete porch design. With added mullions, render panels and brickwork, this porch adds charm and character to your property. Like with all our porch kits, you will have the option to customise:

  • Low Brick Plinth with Render Panels & MullionsThe size of your porch
  • Front elevation
  • Roof pitch
  • Beam style
  • Back Porch Ideas

Back porches offer an ideal outdoor living area to relax and unwind in the spring and summer. While porch ideas for the front of your property may lean towards enhancing the entrance, back porches are usually design for socialising and offering an escape from the warm weather when necessary.

For this reason, we have included a ‘lean-to porch’ option. Take a look below at our porch ideas for the back of your property.

Depending on the size of your property, you may want to consider combining any of our front porch designs with a lean-to. For example, you could have two lean-to complexes separated by a wall to floor mounted porch in the middle. This not only enhances the entrance to the back of your home, but it also offers another social space within your garden or patio.

Consider a Full Height Porch with Ballustrade

Low Brick Plinth with Ballustrade porch kitIf you’re only looking for a small porch for your garden or patio area, any of our porch designs will fit and merge seamlessly with the rest of your property. However, we find that the ballustrade porch offers a more ‘rural’ element to garden and patio areas.

Looking for More Porch Ideas?

Although we build and provide a wide variety of unique oak porch designs, we understand that customers may require something more bespoke. Which is why we offer bespoke porch designs. Simply choose a base level of your porch from one of our designs above and if you do have some specific requirements we haven’t covered above, our craftsmen will happily help.

What About Assembly?

One of the biggest advantage of buying from TPS is that our porches are specifically designed for easy assembly. Some of our simpler kits (such as the wall mounted porch) can be designed within one week with a few helping hands. Our kits are designed for any skill set, from novice DIYers to experienced carpenters, assembly is easy with TPS.

Get in Touch Today

Our porches can be designed for almost any property, regardless of how big or small the space is. Our main priority at TPS is provide our customers with a marvelous entry to the front of their property, or an living space in their garden or patio. We’re here to help you maximise your outdoor space. Simply call or email our sales team to find out more about how we can transform the appearance of your property.

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