As expert providers of wooden porches, we are already skilled in adding timeless charm and aesthetic appeal to properties. This makes us the perfect team to turn to whenever you’re looking for rustic porch ideas in the UK, as our products will help to create the look you’ve been planning right from the very beginning.

We can even help with a few suggestions on how to decorate your new, rustic porch to achieve the style you’ve been hoping for. Read on if you want to learn more, or call or email us right away if you want to talk to a member of staff about placing an order.

Timber Framed Porches to Inspire the Rustic, Countrified Look

Before deciding how best to decorate any new front porch for your property to give it an attractive rural aesthetic, you will first need to decide on the porch you’d like to add to your home. This should suit all your needs and specifications, and offer you everything you need to create the perfect country space you’ve been imagining, whether you live in the heart of the greenbelt or right in the middle of town.

By taking a look at the green oak and Douglas-fir timber porches we have available here on our website, you will find exactly what you need to turn the front or back of your home into a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space of your own design. Depending on the size of the porch you decide on, you may even be able to utilise it as an outdoor relaxation area, or use it as extra room for storage.

Here, we have listed all the most common porch kits that we’ll be able to craft, so that you can build your own space exactly as you would like to see it:

If you’d like to learn more about the porches we can provide for customers right across the UK, get in touch with our team today. We’re confident that we can craft any ideas you have in mind, including bespoke, and help you to finish the home improvement project you’ve been planning.

Painting a Back or Front Porch

For many, the first idea that will come to mind when decorating any kind of timber frame porch design is to paint it. If you want to inspire a traditional country feel and thereby achieve the rustic look that suits the rest of your property, a clean, bright white or even an off-white colour should offer the light, airy appeal that you’re looking for.

You won’t be limited to only painting your porch in one solid colour, however. You can also achieve a beautiful, homely look with simple stencil designs and paintings of flowers. If you have kids, you might even consider getting them to help you with the work by painting plants and animals, or even their names and handprints, on different parts of your porch. This could even help transform a large back porch into a colourful, welcoming family space.

Varnishing Different Porch Designs

a paintbrush on a table

The other (and perhaps even more traditional) option for rustic style porches is to leave the wood unpainted. Douglas-fir and oak framed porches will naturally darken over time, but giving them a coat of clear varnish will help to keep the wood at its best, while enhancing the grain and giving it a richer colour. This protects the timber, while offering that timeless look you’ve seen before in old country houses.

Leaving Exposed Brick

If you’ve opted for one of our larger porch designs with brick plinths, leaving the brickwork exposed to the elements outside and not painting, plastering, or wallpapering the inside should help them to wear naturally. This easily adds another layer of rustic appeal to your property right away.

Other Decorative Touches

Once any planned porch ideas have been built, you’ll also be able to start decorating the interior space that this creates. For larger, more enclosed porches, this might mean setting down floors, adding carpets and wallpaper, or even decorating with furniture if there is enough room. 

Choosing the rustic decor you know would best suit your porch and the rest of your property will be up to you, but there are certain classical elements that we can suggest. For instance, setting down patterned or terracotta tiles and using a worn rug as a runner inside your front porch could give guests the impression of an old farmhouse or a large country manor when entering your home.

Using Your Hobbies

Decorating ideas can often go beyond the obvious to achieve the aesthetic you’re looking for, and you can even find easy ways to incorporate hobbies into your plans. For example, if you’ve always wanted a rustic front porch and like to make the most of your nearest outdoor spaces for walking, rambling, or hiking, you might think of using a wooden porch with a tiled floor to store and dry out your boots when you come home. By lining pairs up either side of a series of doormats, you’ll be adding appeal and preventing mud from entering your home at the same time.

If you enjoy time-honoured hobbies such as crochet, knitting, weaving, or anything else that could be considered a craft, you might also consider framing works you’ve completed or decorating surfaces with them. 

Rustic Storage Solutions

If you’ve got a wood burner in your home but nowhere to store logs, you might even think of having a log shed or bin incorporated into larger back or front porch designs. The extra shelter will offer twice as much protection for the wood, no matter the weather, while offering the impression of living somewhere particularly rural. 

You might also consider low, carved wooden shelving for storing shoes, as this adds a sense of age to any room.

Adding Plants to Your Rustic Porch Ideas

Any porch can have a countrified charm and appeal added by decorating it with flowers and potted plants. By using hanging baskets, or even rustic style planters like small, decorative wooden wheelbarrows or old tin watering cans, you can add in flowers and plants of any kind and create the look you’ve always wanted for the front or back of your property.

For larger porches with legs and posts, you might even consider encouraging climbing plants to grow up the sides and over. Plants will cling well to wooden frames and can easily be cultivated to give that pleasantly “overgrown” impression often seen on cottages and other country homes.

Creating Seating Areas

If you’re all about outdoor living and want a large rustic porch to sit on and admire your growing garden, setting out a seating area of wooden benches or wicker furniture with comfortable cushions could be just what you need to complete your vision. You might even think of setting up a wooden table for outdoor crafts and hobbies, or for having an evening meal with your friends and family in the summer to make the most of your time outdoors.

Choosing Your Lighting

Lighting is always a beneficial feature, whether you’re planning on adding a front or back porch. However, if you’d like to make your own porch lighting more rustic, you may wish to think about the fixtures you’re using. Old fashioned lanterns can be attached to walls and wired to use electric bulbs that offer a warm, welcoming light while still protecting your home from potential intruders, while a modern trend of using mason jars could be a quirky, unique method of adding decorative light and appeal.

Start Preparing Your Porch Ideas Today

If you’re ready to turn the front or back of your home into a beautiful, rural-looking space for both storage and leisure, The Porch Specialist can provide the high quality product kit you need to make it happen.

You’ll be able to start building your kit as soon as the work has been signed off and delivered (within 6 to 8 weeks of completion), and you’ll be able to get started and finish the installation on a schedule that suits you.

Get in touch with us on the phone or send us an email today and let us help you make all your rustic porch ideas in the UK a reality. 

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