At The Porch Specialist, we pride ourselves on the stunning variety of small oak and timber frame porches we can offer to our UK customers as kits for DIY projects. Our expertise over the years we’ve worked in this industry has seen us masterfully craft a range of ready-made and bespoke porches, so we know what to do to provide you with the perfect porch for your home. We’ll even be happy to suggest a few small porch ideas if you’re stuck for choice with designs or styles, or even ways to decorate your new feature to make it completely unique.

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Browse through the small porch ideas, tips and decoration suggestions we have listed below, and just imagine what each of these could bring to your latest planned home improvement feature, from practical uses and beautification to further DIY crafts and even added value to your home. By the time you’re ready to make a purchase, you’ll have a full idea in mind for your new space, and we’ll be there waiting to craft and manufacture each part to your exact specifications.

Use our Porch Builder to create the ideal porch for your property and we can start discussing what you’ll need to make it a reality right away. 

Small Porch Design Ideas

Naturally, you’ll want to find the porch that not only suits your home completely, but also suits your wants and needs as well. Finding the porch type and design to do this is key. 

Small Front Porch Ideas and Examples

To give an example, one of our small wall mounted porches may open up the space around a smaller home, making it appear larger and more welcoming to guests that are coming to visit, while still offering the classical charm and curb appeal that’s completely characteristic of timber-framed porches. Meanwhile, a fuller design, such as a high brick plinth or full height porch, can offer more protection from our unpredictable UK weather while still offering a traditional aesthetic. 

The choice is completely yours as to which design suits you best, so you may want to consider the benefits that each design could bring to your space before you make your decision.

small porch

Small Porch Decorating Ideas

We know that you’ll want to make your new porch as unique to your home as possible, and this doesn’t stop once the finished product has been installed. The online world is full of porch decor ideas, pictures and tips for decorating, and even if you only have a small porch added to your home, there will still be a bit of room to add your own personal touches. Why not consider adding some potted plants around your front door, or perhaps a small stone statue to embellish the space that you have? The small finishes are often what bring a space to life the most, after all.

Small Porch Colour and Paint Ideas

Once your porch has been installed, you will have the freedom to make it as you have imagined. If you love carrying out DIY projects and home improvement work around your property, this might mean modifying it even further to give it the exact look you wish to achieve. 

In some cases, this may mean painting your porch to keep it to your home’s colour scheme, or varnishing it to enhance the wood’s natural colour and keep it in a good condition. This could keep your porch looking bright and new for a long time to come, giving it great curb appeal and impressing your friends and neighbours.

Small Porch Lighting Ideas

If you’re an electrician, or have a good amount of experience with wiring, something you might want to add into your new porch is a light fixture. This is a measure not every homeowner will think of for a wooden porch, but that one simple act brings a greater amount of security to the doors around your property. 

It also allows you the advantage of improved visibility if you’re coming home late at night, so you don’t have to fumble around for your keys, or feel for the lock on your door. It could also come in handy on either a front or back door if you have a pet that likes to use the garden at night, as you’ll always be able to see when they’re ready to come in.

If you’re on a budget, but you still like the idea of decorating your porch and would like some lighting fixtures as well, hanging up a series of fairy lights can often achieve the same effect. It’s also very aesthetically pleasing, so you’ll be able to delight your guests as they enter and leave your home.

Small Porch Storage Ideas

If you often find that you haven’t quite got enough space for things like coats and shoes inside your home (and even less time for them dripping on your floors if they’re wet or muddy), a porch can often make the best new storage space. As a conduit between your home’s interior and exterior, it’s the perfect place to slip off shoes and hang up coats, letting them dry and keeping dirt out of the rest of your home. 

If you often expect deliveries and larger packages from the post while you’re out, a porch can also offer a safe zone that keeps your items hidden and stored away until you arrive home.

Small Back Porch Ideas

The back porch of any home is the blended space between your garden and your property’s interior. What you choose to do with it may depend entirely on what you’ve already done with your outdoor space. For instance, if you live in a smaller property in the countryside and have created a perfectly landscaped area from your available garden space, you may think of adding a chair or bench as a small seating area where you can sit and admire your handiwork. Or, if you live in a suburban area with your family, it may even be the perfect spot to keep your kids’ outdoor toys, such as bikes and scooters.

Small Porch Privacy Ideas

We understand that privacy in your home is of paramount importance. After all, it’s the place you should feel safest and most comfortable. To keep it this way, you may consider building your front porch to be fully enclosed, protecting your front door (and your hallway or living room) from unwanted onlookers whenever it is open. In our own range, this may be achieved with a high or low brick plinth design, or even a full-height porch.

If you’d prefer a porch with a little bit more of a breeze, you may also consider putting up some privacy screens; these can come in a number of stylish colours and patterns, so you may end up doing a little decorating at the same time.

Bring Your Small Porch Ideas to Life With Us

Whether inspiration has struck for a charming wall-mounted design to offer a touch of classic curb appeal, or have decided that you would like somewhere to store shoes and coats but have a limited amount of space, we can build what you need. 

The Porch Specialist is open to all looking for the best back or front porch for their home in the UK, whether you have a small amount of outdoor space or you’re on a budget and need a DIY project that suits your circumstances. We will happily craft and make kits for any small porch ideas you bring to us, and as we offer competitive pricing, you could see your new build coming in on ‒ or even under ‒ your designated budget.

Get in touch with us today and one of our expert members of staff will be glad to chat with you about what you’d like, before our team of qualified and dedicated carpenters sets to work on crafting your much-needed porch kit.

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