Stylish Enclosed Front Porch Designs for Houses

Here at The Porch Specialist, we pride ourselves on expert methods and processes for putting together kits that make ideal enclosed front porch designs for houses.

With one of our manufactured products, you can expect a simple assembly and installation at a price that is bound to suit your budget. The product will even be delivered to you in a short amount of time, so you’ll be able to start work on your porch as soon as possible.

Explore the options we have to frame front doors here, or discover a wider range of options for porches in the UK on the rest of our website. You can also get in touch with us right away if you already know exactly what you need.

Our Front Porch Designs

Our oak and timber-framed porches are easily adapted and manufactured to suit the needs of our customers. So, if you’d prefer an enclosed design to a more open front porch, we can provide you with everything you need. 

Here, we’ve listed some of the porch designs that we can adapt for your own enclosed front porch ideas:

Each of these designs can be made in the finest green oak or Douglas-fir timber we have available.

Most of the porch kits we provide are unlikely to require planning permission. However, if you’d like to make sure that this will be the case for your own porch design, please see our advice on planning permission and porches. For any further clarification and specifications for your area, please get in touch with your local building authority.

Your Bespoke Porch Design Ideas

On occasion, customers will come to use with enclosed front porch ideas they’ve developed themselves. When this happens, we’re more than happy to craft these designs into kits to bring the designs to life. If you have any bespoke ideas for your own enclosed front porch, contact us and let us know. We’ll do everything we can to make them exactly as you need.

We’ll Prime Your Front Porch Kit for an Easy Assembly

Any porch kit we provide will have been crafted for a quick, simple assembly when carried out by someone with experience at DIY building. This is achieved by making them using a series of traditional jointing techniques, which allow every part to slot neatly together. As a result, you should find that the frame for your own porch can be fully built in a short amount of time.

We also provide an instruction manual with every kit we make, and we will be happy to offer planning drawings upon request.

Enclosed Front Porch Ideas in the UK

An enclosed porch has the potential to offer your home a lot more than just weather protection for its front door. Here, we’ve provided a few suggestions on what you might decide to do with your porch once it’s installed:

  • You can install coat hooks or fit shoe racks inside, turning the extension into a coat room that keeps your interior free of mud or excess rainwater
  • If your porch is still partially open (i.e. there isn’t an outside door), you can use it as a safe spot for couriers to drop off packages and parcels
  • You can install lighting for security and decorative purposes
  • Porch decorating is a popular hobby, and you can have fun deciding how you’ll use the space. This may involve decorating it with potted plants, garden statues or other forms of artwork
  • You may even decide to paint your front porch so that it matches the current aesthetics of your property

Our Product Builder

If you’d like to take a look at a few examples of what we can offer before you get started on putting together a kit for your own enclosed front porch, take a look at our gallery. There, you’ll find a myriad of enclosed front porch designs we’ve crafted for homes across the UK and the Channel Islands. Any one of these may suit your home entirely, giving you a good idea of what you might soon be installing over your own front door.

There may also be a few designs that you like, but that you also know won’t be completely ready for installation on your property until you’ve made a few modifications. This is where we’ll be happy to help, by offering you the use of our product builder.

Our product builder is a quick, clever, and completely free online tool that lets you pick out every feature of your porch kit. It’s available on every product page on this website and it can show you every possible combination of our ready-designed features. This means you’ll be able to see how any kit looks before the frame is even crafted, giving you the chance to put together the exact design you want.

Why Choose Us?

We are passionate about our work, and we want to provide a range of enclosed front porch designs for houses that are high in quality, budget-friendly, and that will add character and curb appeal to any property. We’ve done this for customers based across the UK, and each of them chose to come to us for a number of reasons.

Below, we’ve added in just a few of the reasons we think we’re the firm to supply you with a kit for your perfect porch installation:

Sustainably Sourced Products: Everything we craft is made from sustainably sourced green oak or Douglas-fir timber. This is all taken from a specially designated site in France, with three more trees being planted in the place of every one used in our work.

Professional Timber Grading: When it arrives at our workshops, the timber we use in our work will all be carefully graded by our team of master carpenters and timber graders. They’ll meticulously check every piece for flaws, weaknesses or faults which could cause problems with a kit’s structural integrity. If any pieces like this are found, they’ll be responsibly recycled instead.

Precision Manufacturing: We cut the frames for our kits using the same efficient and highly accurate machines and technology. This means you may rest assured that each piece of your timber or oak framed porch kit will slot together precisely.

Our Q-Mark Certified Process: Every part of our work is completed under the guidelines and regulations set out by BM TRADA. This is one of the UK’s strictest and most highly respected certification panels, so you can feel confident in knowing your porch kit was made to industry standards.

Pick Out Your Ideal Enclosed Front Porch Today

If you’ve been looking for the perfect enclosed porch extension to add charm and extra space to your property, The Porch Specialist will be able to craft the solution. 

We will manufacture enclosed front porch designs for houses anywhere in the UK or the Channel Islands, and as soon as your kit has been signed off and delivered you’ll be able to carry out your very own installation. This will even save you time and money that would’ve been spent on third party labour, as you’ll be in charge of your own building plan and schedule.

Get in touch with our team today and we’ll be ready to discuss any particular specifications you have in mind.