Give Your Home a Unique Look with a Wrap Around Porch

At The Porch Specialist, our highly skilled team is fully capable of supplying your house with a wrap-around porch kit to complete the look and use of your outdoor space. 

We design each of our products for a fast assembly, meaning that you’ll soon be able to reap the benefits of the extra space in a design feature you’ve built. You’ll even save yourself the cost of third-party labour by putting the product together yourself.

Browse through the options we have here, or get in touch with us right away to buy and build a porch kit for your home. We’ll be ready to discuss everything you need to create your dream wrap-around front porch.

What is a Wrap Around Porch?

This may be a question you have in mind when you first start searching through porch designs to add to your home, as wrap-around porches are not common in the UK.

A wrap-around porch is a porch design that literally “wraps around” the house it’s installed on. The design is especially common in the United States, where larger houses with bigger gardens allow the homeowner room to add in larger features. Typically, a house with a wrap-around porch will have it installed on two sides. It may even be built around the entire home to increase the amount of space available for use. This may be anything from an outdoor living space, to a hobby area, or even for extra storage room.

On some occasions, these porches may only cover half the property they are installed on. These designs are also known as half wrap-around porches for this reason, and may only cover the front or back of the property and one side of the house.

Our Porch Designs

We have a wide selection of beautifully crafted porch kits available to our customers across the UK and Channel Islands. Each of these can be adapted to suit the look of your property, though some are more appropriate for expanding into a bespoke wrap-around front porch or back porch than others.

Here, we have listed the porch designs that you may wish to consider when building a wrap-around porch for your home:

Each of these porch designs is available in either green oak or Douglas-fir timber.

If you would like to add a wrap-around porch to your home, it is likely that you will need planning permission. This is because the size of the product will fall outside the permitted guidelines and standards set by Building Regulations. To learn more about this, please see our piece on planning permission and porches.

We’ll Prime Any Porch Kit for an Easy Assembly

Any kit we create to put together your ideal wrap-around porch or half wrap-around porch will be prepared for a quick, simple assembly. This is achieved by using a series of traditional jointing techniques, meaning each part of the frame is cut so that it will slot neatly into position. If you’ve had some experience of DIY building before, this should keep the work easy for you.

We will also be happy to supply your kit with an instruction manual, and planning drawings will always be available upon request.

Our Product Builder

In our gallery, we have images of a variety of porches we’ve supplied for installation across the UK. By browsing there, you might come across a style or design feature that you’d like to see in your own wrap-around porch or half wrap-around porch design. 

You may also see a design that you’d like to fit into your home plan, but only after a few modifications of your own have been made first. If this is the case, our product builder will be ready and waiting for you to use. This quick, clever, and completely free online tool will show you all the ready-made designs and features available. By clicking on each one in turn, you will be able to mix and match the elements available to suit your own style.

If you’re looking for a completely bespoke design for your wrap-around porch and house plans, you can also get in touch with us. We’ll be glad to help you put together your ideal product.

Why Choose Us?

We’re passionate about providing exceptional products that add charm and curb appeal to home designs across the country. We’re confident that we can do the same for your home as well, and there are many reasons we think we should be the oak construction firm to put together your wrap-around porch:

We Sustainably Source Products: Each of our products is made from the finest green oak or Douglas-fir timber we have available, all taken from a specially designated site in France. For every tree we use, we ensure that three more are planted in its place, meaning we can keep our work sustainable and ensure a long-lasting supply of products.

We Professionally Timber Grade: When our wood arrives at our workshops, it will be carefully graded by our trained and qualified team of carpenters and timber graders. They will check for even the smallest flaws and faults, and if any pieces are found to be too weak to use in a kit, they will be responsibly recycled instead.

Precision Manufacturing: We use highly accurate, efficient machines and technology to cut each of our frames. This rules out human error, and means that every part of your kit will fit together exactly as it should.

A Q-Mark Certified Process: Every part of our work is completed to the guidelines and regulations set out by BM TRADA, meaning everything we provide has been manufactured to industry standard and nothing less.

How Much Will a Wrap Around Porch Cost?

Porch prices will often vary, depending on the size and features of the porch you’d like to install. As such, we cannot set a definite number on how much your porch will cost until you get in touch and discuss your specifications with us. Once you have, we will work closely with you to calculate the cost you can expect to pay.

We are also a price competitive firm, so if you’re offered another porch that suits your home designs at a cheaper price and is of similar quality, we will be happy to match or beat it.

Complete the Look of Your Home Today

If you are considering maximising the amount of sheltered outdoor space you have, fitting your house with a wrap-around porch may just be the solution. If you’d like to plan an installation into your home designs, get in touch with The Porch Specialist today.

We will expertly craft the wrap-around front porch or back porch kit you need for your property, and can have it delivered to you as soon as the work has been signed off. You’ll be able to begin building and installing the frames as soon as they’ve arrived.

Contact us today and one of our friendly team members will be waiting to talk about adding a porch to your home.