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Classical Porch Designs Made for Our Clients in Bristol

The Porch Specialist is proud to be able to offer a large variety of beautiful timber and oak porches in Bristol and the surrounding areas. We prepare all of our kits using traditional jointing techniques, designing them for a quick, easy installation carried out by you. Put yourself in charge of your own work project and save yourself time and money on unnecessary labour. Everything we make is created with your needs in mind, so our plan for your porch will follow your specifications.

If you have been looking for porch builders in Bristol to create the perfect porch kit for your home, contact us today.

Try Our State of the Art Porch Builder to Create your Dream Porch

porches Traditionally Crafted by hand

All of our timber and oak porches are crafted by hand, from the highest quality materials we have available. For every tree we use in our products, we make sure that three more will always be planted to replace it. After the wood has reached our site, it will also undergo a series of checks conducted by our professional timber graders. These are carried out so that we know the materials will meet our standards for use. If the wood is not of a good enough quality, warped or flawed, it will be responsibly recycled instead because weak timber will have an impact on the structural integrity of our products.

Why Choose a Wooden Porch Kit?

By choosing a wooden porch in Bristol, you will be choosing a product which has a number of advantages over similar products that are made from materials such as brick, cement or uPVC. As we are experts in porch construction and have many years of experience in crafting timber and oak, we are more than qualified and happy to explain these advantages to our customers.

The first advantage that timber and oak have over other materials is that they are versatile. They can be made to blend in with any style and aesthetic already present in a building, all while adding a new sense of charm and potential value to the property. Our products are designed to give you a stylish entrance to your home and are built for an easy installation, so there should always be a porch that will be ideal for your property.

Oak in particular is also known for its weather-resistant features, and can adapt to most environments it is placed in. Because of this, it should be easier to maintain than porches made from other materials. The only difference between a newly installed oak porch in Bristol and one which has been installed for a while is the colour of the wood. The older porch will be darker, but this does not have any effect on the strength of the product, meaning that your porch will not lose its integrity over time and you will not lose the high quality product you paid for.

Wooden porches in Bristol will also have the advantage of being cheaper than brick, cement or uPVC porches. This is because fewer materials are required to craft them, smaller workforces can put them together and they can be installed in a shorter amount of time.

We Offer Bespoke Porch Kits

Many customers come to us with a design already in mind for their new porch, and, as porch builders in Bristol that specialise in porch kits, we will always be happy to help them make the dream look for their property a reality. If this is also something that you would like for your project, simply go to our page on bespoke design services and upload the plans you have so that our team can get started building your porch kit.

If you love some of the designs we already have in our catalogue but you would like to make your own adjustments, this is also a service we can offer. Start by choosing a design of ours that you would like to work with as a base, before picking a front elevant, roof pitch and beam style. After this, you will be prompted to enter your property’s measurements.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, if you feel that your property has complicated measurements. We can discuss your requirements with you and will then do everything we can to get you the porch you want, in the size you need for your property. 

Even if you choose to create a bespoke porch, this does not mean that your purchase has to be any more expensive than a readymade design. No matter if you have chosen to upload your design for us to create, or if you have decided on a porch you love from our already available selection, our prices will match any porch of the same size that we have in our stock.

Oak Porches are Primed for Easy Assembly

All of our oak and timber porches in Bristol are primed for easy assembly, making them easy to put together for most of our customers. Whether you are a professional carpenter and tradesperson, or an experienced DIY-er who loves completing home projects, you should find our kits result in a simple, swift build. To help this, we include an easy-to-follow instruction manual in every kit, and planning drawings for all of our designs are available upon request.

Buy and Build Your Timber or Oak Porch in Bristol Today

If you have been looking for porch builders in Bristol who can offer a beautiful and durable product, get in touch with us today. When you buy one of our handcrafted porch kits, you will be saving yourself time and money on unnecessary labour. Call The Porch Specialist and one of our friendly team members will be able to discuss your requirements, before our carpenters start their work.

*Our oak and timber porches in Bristol should not need planning permission in most cases. However, we do recommend that you speak to your local authority before work begins, in order to be sure.