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Bespoke Handcrafted Porches in Derby

At The Porch Specialist, we are proud to be able to create a range of stunning oak porches for our customers in Derby. We use traditional jointing techniques to make our products easy and straightforward to build. Our oak porch kits put you in charge of your work project, cutting out costs in labour and keeping to your timeframe. Everything we sell comes in a variety of sizes, and can be made specifically to suit your needs.

If you have been looking for a stylish, handcrafted oak porch, contact The Porch Specialist today.

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Graded Oak Porches

All of our products are handcrafted from high quality green oak timber, which we obtain from a sustainable source. For every tree we use, three more will always be planted in its place. When the timber reaches our site, our team of trained and qualified timber graders will perform a series of thorough checks, ensuring that there are no weaknesses or defects which will affect the structural integrity of a kit. If any faults are found, the wood will be responsibly recycled instead. 

Why Choose a Wooden Porch Kit?

Many people are unaware of the benefits that oak porches have, over porches made from other materials. That is why we are always happy to explain, whenever we are asked.

The first benefit found with an oak porch is that it is a very versatile material and will suit any home, no matter what style the original structure has. Your new entrance to your home will lend a pleasant sense of charm and can even potentially add value to your property, should you ever think of selling it. All of our oak porches are also created with an aesthetically pleasing finish in mind, as well as the easiest build for our customers possible, so we are certain to have a design that you would like for your property.

Oak is also famous in the construction industry for its ability to adapt to its environment, changing to suit the conditions of wherever it is placed. This means that it should become weather resistant and withstand the elements to a greater extent than brick, cement or uPVC porches. Because of this, an oak porch should also remain easy to maintain, with only the colour of the wood changing over the years.

If you choose to buy an oak porch, you will also notice that they are considerably cheaper than porches made from other materials. Because they need fewer materials to build, a smaller workforce to carry the project out and a reduced amount of time to complete the installation, oak porches can be said to be the cost effective choice from start to finish.

We Offer Bespoke Porch Kits

Many of our customers already have a porch design in mind when they come to us, and we are always happy to help them get it put together. With our bespoke design service, you can upload the plans for your perfect home improvement feature and we will assist by getting it created for you.

If you would like to base your porch on one of our existing designs, you can also browse through our range and pick one that you would like to use as a base. You will be able to choose your front elevant, roof pitch and beam styles, before entering the measurements for your property.

If you are worried that your home may have complex measurements, please get in contact with us. We will be happy to help work the problem through and get you the porch you have always wanted.

Oak Porches are Primed for Easy Assembly

We use traditional jointing techniques to prepare our products for our customers, meaning that no matter their level of experience with construction, they will be able to build and install their very own porch. They will also be able to carry out the work at a time that comfortably suits them. To make it even easier, our kits will always come with an instruction manual and we will offer planning drawings to our customers, upon request.

Start Work on Your Derby Oak Porch Today

If you have been looking for a porch to complete the look of your home, contact us today. You can remain in charge of your build, when you choose to use one of our oak porch kits. Get in touch with The Porch Specialist and order your porch right away.

*In most cases, you will not need planning permission to build one of our porches. However, we do recommend checking with your local planning office to be sure before you begin work.