A small porch at Manor Farm


We are proud to offer a large selection of professionally designed and crafted oak framed porches for our customers in Gloucestershire. Through the use of traditional jointing techniques, everything we make is sent to you ready for a quick and easy installation. Put yourself in charge of your build, by cutting out the cost of labour with one of our oak porch kits. Every kit is created to your exact specifications, so your purchase will always suit your own requirements.

Whether you live in Gloucester, Cheltenham or Stroud, get in touch with us today and we can help you find the porch for your home.



This clever online tool is free to use and is available on every product page we have, so you can mix and match any classic and contemporary elements or features as you wish. The end result should be the porch you’d like to buy for your home.


We handcraft our products using the finest green oak timber available, and we replace every tree we use with three more in order to keep our work sustainable. When the wood is delivered to our site, our team will carry out a series of careful, professional checks, in order to ensure that the timber meets our standards. Weak or flawed wood can compromise the strength of an oak frame build, so we will responsibly recycle any pieces which are not fit for use.


There are lots of advantages to buying an oak porch in Gloucestershire, rather than a porch made from uPVC, brick or cement. With years of experience behind us in this industry, we are more than qualified (and happy) to discuss the benefits of timber frames with our customers.

The first benefit that oak has over other materials is that it is extremely versatile. You can use oak with any type of property that already exists and it will blend in seamlessly, creating a new sense of charm and adding value, all while matching your already established aesthetic. We design our products to be pleasing to the eye, as well as easy to install, so there will always be something in our range that you will love.

fullheight oak framed porch with balustrade

You will also find that oak has a greater potential for weather resistance, as it has the ability to adapt to most environments it is placed in. This makes it easier to maintain than other materials; the only change you should notice is the colour of the wood darkening over time, though this does not affect structural integrity.

Porches made from oak will also cost less than those made from other materials, owing to the fact that they need fewer materials to build, a smaller workforce to carry out the task and a shorter amount of time for the work to be completed. You will be saving yourself time and money, and will be able to get your oak porch in Gloucestershire installed whenever it suits you best.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

porch ideas


Many people come to us with a ready-prepared design for the porch they would like, and we are always happy to help them turn it into their perfect new home feature. If you also have an idea for your oak porch in Gloucestershire, we can help you, through the use of our bespoke design service. Upload your plans and our team will design and build the kit you need.

If you would like to use aspects from one of our ready-made designs while creating something completely your own, we can also help you with this. To get started, simply go through our selection of porches and choose the one that you would like to work with as a base. From there, select your front elevant, roof pitch and beam styles, before entering the measurements for your property.

Porch canopy at Manor Farm Court

Please get in touch with us if you think your property’s measurements might be complicated. We will do everything we can to get you the porch you need, to the specifications you have set out.

Your porch does not have to be more expensive, just because it is bespoke. No matter which of our products you base your design on, or even if you have your own plans ready to be created, the price we charge will match the fee we would ask for any of our catalogue.

oak porch roof


We make our porch kits using traditional jointing techniques, so they are easy for all our customers to install themselves. Whether you are an expert tradesperson, or a novice, our kits should be easy to put together, whenever you need them finished. We provide instruction manuals with every kit, and we will also provide planning drawings upon request.


If you have been looking for a stunning, classically designed oak porch in Gloucestershire, get in touch with us today. Save yourself time and money by cutting out the unnecessary costs of labour. Call The Porch Specialist and speak to one of our team members about what you would like, so we can get started right away.

*Our oak porch kits will not require planning permission in most cases. However, we do recommend that you speak to your local authorities first, to be sure.