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Here at The Porch Specialist, we are delighted to design and create a wide selection of ready-made and bespoke oak porches and kits for customers in Lincoln. All of our kits are quick and easy to build, because of the traditional jointing techniques we use to put them together. You can put yourself in charge of your build with one of our green oak porch kits, helping to save yourself time and money by eliminating labour costs. We can make everything you want in an oak framed front porch, from the size you require to the style you love the most.

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This clever online tool is free to use and is available on every product page we have, so you can mix and match any classic and contemporary elements or features as you wish. The end result should be the porch you’d like to buy for your home.


In order to keep our products to the highest standards possible, we aim to use only the finest quality green oak available. We also only ever use materials from a sustainable source, meaning that for every tree cut down to go in our kits, three more will be planted in its place. When the wood makes it to our site, our professional timber graders will check it thoroughly for defects that may prevent it from being as strong as we expect. If any pieces are found to have flaws, they will be responsibly recycled, while the perfectly strong and durable pieces are made into our porches and porch kits.


When choosing a wooden porch as a home improvement feature, you are choosing a material that comes with a lot of advantages over brick porches, uPVC or other materials. Not many of our customers realise this, so we are always happy to explain what you will be getting when you choose to buy an oak porch from us.

The first advantage that oak has over other materials is its versatility. This means that it will be suitable for adaptations and renovations for any property, no matter what style it is. Your new porch will blend in seamlessly to the rest of your home, completing the look in just the way you want. We design our products with attractiveness in mind, as well as the easiest build possible, so you will be sure to find a porch you love in our stock.

fullheight oak framed porch with balustrade

Wood is also a very adaptable material and can change to suit the environment it is placed in. This allows it to become more resistant to the elements than materials such as brick, cement or uPVC. This durability also helps to make them very easy to maintain, with only the colour of the wood changing as the porch ages.

You will also note that oak porches are far cheaper than porches made from other materials. This is because they require fewer materials to build, as well as needing a smaller workforce and less time to put together and install. As such, a porch built from oak will not only be cost-effective than something like a uPVC porch, but it will also be the faster, easier alternative to a project that could otherwise become long and complicated.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

Manor Farm Wall Mounted Porch


If you already have a design in mind for the porch you want when you come to us, we will be happy to help you put it together. When you use our bespoke design service, you can upload plans for your dream porch and we will help you make it a reality. If you would like to base your design on something we already offer, you can also go through our designs and choose the one you want to work with as a base. From there, you can pick your front elevant, roof pitch and beam styles, before entering your property’s measurements.

If you are worried that your property’s measurements might be too complicated for an installation, please get in touch with us. We are experts in this industry and we have built many different porches for customers across the country, so we know we will be able to help you get the porch size your property needs as well.

oak porch roof


Our products are all put together using traditional jointing techniques, which also makes them easy to build and install on properties. Any of our customers will most likely be able to put up their own porch, from the first time DIY-er to the experienced builder, tradesperson or carpenter. You will have your porch, exactly as you want it, in as short an amount of time as you need it ready. We can even provide extra help, by providing easy-to-follow instruction manuals with each kit, as well as offering planning drawings upon request.


To get the high-quality oak porch that you need to complete the look of your home, call us today. We can help you get the porch you want, when you want it, with one of our easy-to-install porch kits. Contact us and our designers and builders can help you get what you need for your property in Lincoln.

*In most cases, you will not need planning permission to build one of our porch designs. However, we do recommend checking with your local authority to be sure before you begin.