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Durable Oak Porches in Oxfordshire

We design and build 100% green oak porches all across Oxfordshire. Our products are put together using traditional jointing techniques that allow for a quick and easy build. You are put in charge of your own project, so all labour costs are eliminated. Our oak porch kits can be created to suit you and come in a variety of sizes.

Each piece of timber that goes into our building projects is sourced sustainably and checked for defects by our expert, onsite timber graders before it is used. Our kits are all made to be easily put together, too, so even if this is your first time working on a project, you will be sure to get an end result that you are happy with.

Design your own porch in oxfordshire

Why Choose a Wooden Porch Kit?

Oak framed porches come with a number of unique benefits.

The first feature that can be mentioned is the versatility of oak as a material. Our porches can be designed to suit any property, to offer an enduring, classical design. Our kits are always designed to your specifications and requirements. You can also opt for a completely bespoke build, for more information this, please get in touch with our team.

Wood can also adapt to its environment, changing to suit whichever location it is placed in. It’s structural integrity will not falter over the seasons, like other porch-building materials such as plastic, concrete, or PVC. Oak requires very little maintenance, making it an attractive option for all interested buyers. While oak framed buildings and porches can change colour over time, but the structural integrity will remain unchanged.

Another benefit that sets oak above the rest is that it is far less expensive. Needing fewer building materials, a smaller labour force, less experience to build and taking a shorter amount of time to complete, oak frames are not only as durable as other porch materials, they are also far more cost-effective.

We Offer Bespoke Porch Kits

If you would prefer to create your own design, rather than order one from the selection in our range, then we would be happy to help make this happen. To start, go through the porches we offer and choose the design you want to work as your base (including the front elevant, roof pitch and beam styles). After that, enter your property’s measurements.

We do our best to ensure that we can fit any measurements, but if you feel that yours are too complex, get in touch and we will be able to help you work them out.

Oak Porches are Primed for Easy Assembly

We design and prepare all of our porch kits using traditional joining techniques, setting them up for an easy build that can be achieved by anyone, at any time. You will soon have the strong, sturdy porch that you have always wanted, and we can even help you in getting it by providing instructions and planning drawings, upon request.

Build Your Oak Porch in Oxfordshire Today

If you are looking for an attractive, cost-effective oak porch in Oxfordshire, we are here to help.

Take away the costs of labour and repairs with one of our durable porch kits, made to suit your needs.

*Our oak porches should not require planning permission in most cases, but we do recommend that you check with your local authority first.