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Ready Designed or Bespoke Oak Porches in Surrey

We are proud to place ourselves among the finest oak porch builders in Surrey, creating the perfect home look for our clients across the county. We use traditional jointing techniques to put together our handcrafted products, making them quick and easy to build. With one of our porch kits, you will be put in charge of your own project and end up saving money on unnecessary labour costs. Our products all come in a variety of sizes and can be made specifically to your standards. So, for the green oak porch you have always dreamed of owning, contact The Porch Specialist today.

Everything we sell is made of fine, sustainably sourced green oak. This ensures that for every tree we use in our products, three more are planted in its place. When the timber reaches our site, it is also thoroughly inspected by our timber graders, ensuring that we are only ever using wood that meets the highest standards. Weak, warped or damaged wood could affect the structural integrity, so these pieces are removed and responsibly recycled. The strongest wood we have is then made into easy-to-build porch kits, designed so that anybody can put them together, whenever they wish.

Design your own porch in Surrey

Why Choose a Wooden Porch Kit?

Wooden porch kits boast a number of benefits that porches made from other materials, such as brick or uPVC, simply do not have.

The first benefit is that oak is a very diverse material and can make a beautiful home improvement feature for any kind of property. No matter where you intend to place it, an oak porch from us will always look classically stylish and blend in seamlessly. We design all of our products with stunning aesthetics in mind, as well as an easy build for our clients, so you will be certain to find the porch that you want for your home among our selection.

Oak is also famous in construction for its ability to adapt to its environment, changing to suit the conditions of its location. An oak porch building will also be more likely to remain weather resistant throughout the year than plastic or concrete, owing to its durability. Because of this, they are very easy to maintain, and the only difference you should notice in your porch over time is the colour of the wood darkening as it ages.

Porches made from oak are also considerably cheaper than those made from other materials. Needing fewer materials, a smaller labour force and a shorter amount of time to be fully installed, you will find that an oak porch is a far more cost effective choice than other porch types.

We Offer Bespoke Porch Kits

If you know that you want a porch from us, but you have not found exactly what you are looking for in our range, then why not suggest your own bespoke design to us? Upload your plans to our site and we will be happy to help you put your dream front porch plan together. 

To start on a bespoke design based on our products, take a look at the porch designs we have available and choose the one you would like to work with as a base. This will include the different parts of the porch, such as the front elevant, roof pitch and beam styles, before you will be asked to enter your property’s measurements. 

If you are worrying that your home’s measurements might be slightly complicated, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will do everything we can to get your new porch completed, exactly the way you want it.

Oak Porches are Primed for Easy Assembly

Our products are primed for use with traditional jointing techniques, making them easy for any of our customers to build, at a time that suits them best. When you buy a porch kit from us, you can have the beautiful green oak porch you know will complete your home, exactly when you want it. We can even help to give you peace of mind when it comes to the building process, by providing an instruction manual for you to follow. Planning drawings will also be available, upon request.

Start Building Your Green Oak Porch in Surrey Today

If you have been looking for a beautiful, durable oak porch in Surrey, then we will be happy to help you find one that you love.

Take control of your own build and drop any unnecessary repair or labour costs with an oak porch kit.

Call The Porch Specialist today, so we can discuss what you would like from us for your new porch.

*Our green oak framed porches will not require planning permission in most cases, but we highly recommend checking your local building regulations before you begin, just to be sure.