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100% Green Oak Porches in Kent

Our porch specialists provide and install green oak porches across Kent. All porches are designed using traditional jointing techniques – catering to both novice DIYers and experienced carpenters. Porch kits eliminate the hassle of labour costs and planning permission. We provide small and large porch kits to fit your aesthetic requirements and add charm and character to your property. Explore our range today and get in touch with our porch builders in Kent to get your project underway.

Design Your Own Porch in Kent

Oak porch kits have the ability to completely transform the entrance to your property. Oak (and timber in general) has been popularised recently due to its timeless design and low maintenance requirements. Kits are easy to fit and install and can last a lifetime. Our oak porch kits are designed for easy building and installation, lending themselves to DIYers and experienced carpenters alike.

Why Choose a Wooden Porch Kit?

Oak porch kits come with major benefits.

Building porches with materials such as concrete, PVC plastic and cement often comes with incurred labour costs and the construction process generally takes far loner and requires more materials and experience.

Our oak porch kits come with simple instructions and planning drawings (if required). They can be assembled in just 10 days if you have a few more hands on deck.

Oak will also adapt and change depending on its surroundings. This is why little to no maintenance is required. The appearance of your oak porch will likely change throughout the seasons but its structural integrity will remain solid. You can top up your oak’s colour using paints and creosotes, but if you want the colour to remain, this will require more maintenance in the long run.

We Offer Bespoke Oak Porch Kits

We have various of oak framed porch kits to choose from, but we understand that you may require bespoke measurements. Simply choose your porch kit design (including front elevant, roof pitch and style beams) and enter your measurements as accurately as you can. If you’re concerned that your measurements may be off or your property has a complex layout, simply call our team and we will be able to help.

Assembly Made Easy

Traditional jointing techniques are used to create all our porch kits. This way, the build of the porches is solid and compact, offering a structurally sound finish. Other porch designs (cement, PVC etc) take far longer to construct. The process often messy and requires more tools, materials and labour to complete. Additionally, the cost to repair these porch designs is often expensive because of the materials used.

Buy Your Oak Porch in Kent Today

Our porches add instant charm and character to your property at an affordable price. Oak porches can last a lifetime and make for a fantastic return on investment.

No maintenance, no labour costs and no time-wasting. Begin your oak porch project in Kent today.

*In most cases, our oak porches should not require planning permission, but we advise you double check with your local authority.