High-Quality Handcrafted Porches in Birmingham

We are proud to create a fine range of stunning oak porches and kits for our customers in Birmingham. We make our green oak porch kits quick and easy to build, by putting them together using traditional jointing techniques. We can help put you in charge of your own building project by offering you a kit, saving you money on unnecessary labour costs. Our products can all be made to suit your specifications, in the size and style that you want for your property.

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Graded Oak Porches

To make sure that we are building the highest quality products we can, we only ever use the best, sustainable oak timber frames in our porches and porch kits. For every tree that is used in our building, three more will be planted in its place to ensure eco-stability. When the wood reaches our site, our onsite timber graders check it thoroughly, paying close attention to detail to spot any flaws or warps in the wood that could affect the structural integrity. If any are found, we will take measures to see that it is responsibly recycled instead, while the perfectly strong, durable pieces will be used in our work.

Why Choose a Wooden Porch Kit?

When you choose to buy and build an oak porch, you putting yourself at a lot of advantages in ways that you might not realise. However, we are happy to provide an explanation of how an oak porch installation will help you, where a porch made from another material would not.

The first advantage oak provides is a greater versatility than other materials. It is suitable for adaptations and renovations for any style of property, meaning that it will blend in with the rest of your home, no matter what it looks like. We design our products with attractiveness in mind, as well as an easy build, so we will be sure to have a porch that you’ll love to have for your home.

Oak also has the ability to adapt to the environment it is placed in, so it will change to suit the conditions of where you decide to build it. This means that it can easily develop a greater weather resistance, unlike brick, cement, or uPVC porches. As such, they are also very easy to maintain, and only the colour of the wood should noticeably change over time.

Porches made from oak are also considerably cheaper than those made from other materials. This is because they require fewer materials to build, a smaller workforce to put the porch together and less time for the work to be completed. These factors also make an oak porch the fast, easy alternative for what could become a complicated and costly process otherwise.

We Offer Bespoke Porch Kits

A lot of our customers come to us with a design already in mind for their dream porch, and when this happens, we are more than willing to accommodate. We can help you put together the porch you want, with our bespoke design service. When you have your home improvement plans, simply upload the plans to our site and we can get started. If you would like to plan a bespoke design based on one of our ready-made porches, you can also improve your user experience of our site by going through our designs and choosing a model you want to work with as a base. Then, you can choose a front elevant, roof pitch and beam styles and enter your property’s measurements.

If you think that your property might have complicated measurements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. One of our expert members of staff can discuss your requirements with you, and help you get the porch size your property needs.

Oak Porches are Primed for Easy Assembly

We make all of our products using traditional jointing techniques, with the aim of making them easy for our customers to build, no matter what their skill level. Whether this is your first time doing DIY, or if you are an experienced carpenter or tradesman, you will find our porch kits simple and swift to build. You can have your porch in no time at all, with the build completed exactly the way you want it! We can even help you here, by providing instruction manuals to go with your porch kit, and offering planning drawings upon request.

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*In most cases, our products will not require planning permission in order to be installed. However, we do recommend contacting your local authority first, just to be sure.