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Expert Oak and Timber Framed Porch Suppliers in Scotland

We’re fully prepared to work as timber porch suppliers in Scotland, providing customers with the kit they need to build and install their own stylish, top-quality features for front and back doors.

Every specification you have will be taken into account when we start crafting, so you’ll receive the porch kit you want to see as a result.

We’ll also be happy to deliver the kit anywhere you need it sent as soon as it’s been signed off (within 6-8 weeks of completion), and you’ll be able to start the installation work as soon as it has arrived.

Read on to learn more about what we can do for you, or contact us right away if you’d like to speak to a member of our team about what you’d like to see on your property.


Using Our Online Porch Builder

We’ve got a gallery stocked full of pictures from wooden porches we’ve crafted and delivered across the UK and the Channel Islands. Each of these images can give you an idea of what your own porch will look like over your back or front door once it’s been installed, and you’ll have the option to replicate these features in your order when you get in touch.

It’s also possible that you’ll come across a design that you like, but want to make a few modifications to so it becomes ideal for your home. Our online porch builder can help you here, by offering you the option of taking a look at several different designs and styles in quick succession. This lets you mix and match the elements you’d like to see on your own property, before you ask for a quote on the design you want most.

Our porch builder is quick, clever, and available for completely free use on every product page on this website. Browse through our options for readymade wooden porches in Scotland before getting an estimated price for your favourite design today.

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Priming All Scotish Porch Kits for an Easy Assembly

If you’ve had some previous DIY or home improvement experience, you should even find that our wooden porches offer a quick, easy build that you’ll be able to complete on your own schedule. This is because we prepare each of our products using traditional jointing techniques, so each of the oak or timber frames will slot neatly together. This makes the building work and installation process simple for you to do yourself, without the need for third party labour.

Your kit will also be delivered with an instruction manual, and we’ll be ready to provide planning drawings on request.

Our Style Options for Your Custom Porch

Take a look at our gallery for some inspiration. 

Once you have picked the basic design for your new timber porch entrance, you will be free to choose the features and elements that will complete the look. We’ll make these to your exact specifications, so you’ll be guaranteed the product you’ve asked for.

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Why Choose a Wooden Porch from Us?

There are many reasons homeowners in Scotland keep on choosing Douglas-fir timber and oak framed porches for their properties:

  • Wood is hugely versatile as a material, so it can build on the charm of any type of property while still blending in seamlessly
  • Oak in particular is adaptable to changing environments and weather conditions, keeping it strong for years to come
  • Wood is easy to maintain and won’t require cleaning
  • Porches made from wood are cheaper to build, because they;
    • Need fewer materials
    • Can be put together by a smaller team
    • Take less time to be fully installed

Our Prices for Custom Porches

Prices for our porches can vary considerably, depending on what you need and would like to see in your custom design. For example, if you are intending on building a large porch to create some extra outdoor living space, this will cost more than a small front porch designed simply to act as a storage space for coats and shoes before you enter the main part of your house. 

This is why we will work closely with you to calculate the cost of a custom built porch for your property, so you will only be paying for the features you have ordered. If you happen to find a cheaper service for custom porches online, we will also be happy to match it on price while beating it on quality.

Porch Suppliers To Scotland

  • All the wood used in our work is cultivated sustainably, on a specially designated site in France
  • Every tree is grown to be as tall and straight as possible, ensuring more of the wood is used and less is wasted in manufacturing
  • Every piece of timber is thoroughly inspected by our team of master carpenters and timber graders, so only the strongest pieces are ever used in our work
  • We use highly accurate and efficient machinery to rule out human error in every stage of the crafting process, so your kit is guaranteed to fit together just as it should
  • Our process is carried out to guidelines and standards set by BM TRADA, one of the strictest and most respected certification panels in the UK


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

Find Your Perfect Porch Kit Today

For help from expert timber and oak porch suppliers in Scotland, get in touch with The Porch Specialist today.

We’ll be ready to take your needs and specifications into account with your porch design, before we set about preparing the kit you need to transform the look of your home.

Buy your ideal porch kit from us and become the master of your own building schedule as soon as it’s been delivered.