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Easy-to-Assemble Oak Porches in Norfolk

Our experienced carpenters and tradesmen have over 40 years’ experience in the oak construction industry. All porches are designed for swift assembly. Oak porch kits eliminate all labour costs, putting you in charge of the building process. Our porches are designed to meet Exova BM TRADA standards of quality.

We have a wide range of porch designs to choose from.

Design your own Porch in Norfolk

All timber we use is sustainably-sourced from France. For each tree cut down, we plant another three in its place. Timber is graded on-site to ensure that we only use the highest quality oak during our construction process. French oak also allows for a stronger build and offers a stunning finish.

Our oak porch kits lend themselves to both novice DIYers and experienced carpenters and tradesmen. Whether you’re looking for a small summer project or you’re on a tight building contract deadline, our oak porch kits are perfect for both.

Versatile and Timeless Designs

Unlike porches made from cement, PVC and plastic, oak porches come with the benefit of being incredibly low maintenance and exceptionally durable. Event through the harsher seasons, oak will shape and morph to match its surroundings. Other porch materials may become subject to serious wear and tear and could be costly to repair. Oak is able to adapt to its surroundings, sometimes at the cost of changing colour slightly. However, if you would like to retain the original colour, simply apply a creosote or another paint when needed.

We Offer Bespoke Oak Porch Kits in Norfolk

We also provide the option of making your own bespoke porch kit.

Simply select the porch design you want to work from, select the additional features (front elevant, roof pitch and beam styles) and then enter your measurements as best you can or call our team for more information on how we can help.

Swift and Simple Porch Assembly

Using traditional jointing techniques allows customers of all skill levels to easily assemble their oak porch kit. Whether you’re looking to enhance your carpentry skills, or you’re a tradesmen on  tight deadline, our oak porch kits are designed to suit a variety of needs and requirements.

Select a porch that has a positive impact on the environment and allows you to build it at your own time and in your own space. For lifelong use and stunning aesthetics, choose and oak framed porch in Norfolk.

Buy Your Oak Porch in Norfolk Today

Our team word hard to ensure every oak porch kit we design meets our high quality standards.

Speak with one of our friendly team members to find out more about our oak porches in Norfolk.

*In most cases, our oak porches should not require planning permission, but we advise you double check with your local authority.