Oak Porches in Hampshire

High Quality Green Oak Porches in Hampshire

We design and build beautiful and bespoke oak porches for our clients across the county of Hampshire.

All of our products are handcrafted using traditional jointing techniques, allowing them to be put together quickly and easily.

We put you in charge of your own project, getting rid of those unnecessary labour costs.

Everything we build comes in a range of sizes and can be specifically designed to suit you.
For the beautiful green oak porch that you just know will complete the look of your home, get in touch with The Porch Specialist today.

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We only ever use sustainably sourced green oak in our building kits and projects, ensuring that three trees are planted in place of any one of those that we cut down. When the timber reaches our site, it is then checked by our expert timber graders for any defects that would prevent it from being as strong as we expect and our customers deserve. Once the strongest wood has been selected, it is handcrafted and prepared using traditional jointing techniques that will make it easy to put together, at any time and by any of our customers.

Why Choose a Wooden Porch Kit?

oak porches hampshireThere are a number of advantages to choosing an oak framed porch over uPVC porches, cement porches, or porches of any other material.

The first advantage is that oak is a more versatile material than others and is easily designed and built to suit any property, no matter the aesthetic already present. There will always be something in our range to fit your style and your project, and it will blend in seamlessly to the rest of your home.

The second advantage is that green oak does not damage quickly or easily over the seasons, owing to the fact that it adapts to the environment it is placed in. Because of this, it is less likely to need maintenance than other materials and more likely to remain durable, with only the colour of the wood changing over time.

The final mentioned advantage is that green oak porches are also less expensive than front porches made from other materials. They take fewer materials, a smaller, less-experienced workforce, and less time to build, so they are noticeably more cost-effective and value for money.

We Offer Bespoke Porch Kits

oak framed porch hampshire

If you already have an idea in mind for your dream porch, we can also help you to make that dream a reality. With our “create your own” system for bespoke designs, you can go through our readymade stock of porch designs, choose one that you wish to base your project on and go from there. You can then pick the parts of the porch that you want, from the front elevant and roof pitch to the beam styles, before you enter your property’s measurements.

If you feel that the measurements might be rather complex, don’t hesitate to call us and ask for advice. We will be able to help you get your porch the way you want it.

Oak Porches are Primed for Easy Assembly

We prime all of our oak porch kits for easy assembly using traditional jointing techniques, so that any of our customers can build their project at their own leisure. When you buy one of our oak framed porch kits, you can have the porch you’ve always wanted, whenever you want it. To help you, we will provide an instruction manual with your kit and can even offer you planning drawings upon request.

Buy and Build Your Oak Framed Porch in Hampshire

We are here to help all those who have been looking for high quality, handcrafted green oak porches in Hampshire.

Take control of your project with a timber framed kit and eliminate unnecessary labour costs.

We will design your new porch with you and your needs in mind, so contact The Porch Specialist and we can start creating your newest home feature.

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*Most of the time, you will not need planning permission in order to build your new oak porch.

However, we would recommend checking with your local authority to be certain this is the case in your area.