Oak Porches in Staffordshire

Ready-to-Build Oak Porches in Staffordshire

We offer ready made or bespoke oak porches all over Staffordshire.

Build your project quickly and easily with products made in a traditional style.

We put you in charge of your build and help you eliminate the costs of labour.

Our products are built to suit you and come in all shapes and sizes.

For a simple construction and a beautiful finished product, call us today.

Explore Our Oak Porches in Staffordshire

Here at The Porch Specialist, we make sure we only ever use timber of the highest quality in our building kits. Each piece is sustainably sourced and when it arrives at our site it is checked over by one of our professional timber graders. Once they have been approved and are ready to be made into kits, they are prepared so they can be easily constructed. As such, our customers will be able to build their own porches, whenever they want.

Why Choose a Wooden Porch Kit?

oak porch staffordshireThere are a number of reasons to choose an oak framed building kit, rather than another porch-building material, such as plastic, cement or PVC.

To begin with, oak is more versatile than any of the other materials listed. Our kits in particular are designed so that they will suit any property, no matter what style the building is. There will always be something in our range to fit what you need.

An oak structure is also less likely to become greatly damaged over the seasons, compared to other materials. It adapts to its environment, remaining strong and needing little tending to or maintenance. The only change you should notice in an oak framed porch is the colour of the wood changing over time.

Oak frames are less expensive than other materials as well, requiring fewer people to build them, fewer materials that have to be handled and a shorter amount of time to complete. Because of this, they are considered more cost-effective than other materials and will not stretch your budget as much.

We Offer Bespoke Porch Kits

oak porches in staffordshireWe can also offer you a bespoke design of your own choosing, if you already have an image of your dream oak framed porch in mind. To do this, choose one of our designs to work from as a base, then pick your front elevant, roof pitch and beam styles.

Once this is done, enter your property’s measurements.

If you feel that your property’s measurements are slightly complicated to build, contact us and we can help. We will be happy to get everything worked out, so your porch fits your property the way it should.

Oak Porches are Primed for Easy Assembly

Our traditional techniques help to make our product easy to build and ready for construction, whenever a client wishes to start. We can also help put a project together, by providing instructions with every kit. Planning drawings are also available, if requested.

Start Work on Your Staffordshire Oak Porch Today

We can provide the kit that you need to build your very own traditional oak framed porch.

Your purchase can be designed to suit your preferences, cutting out labour costs and letting you manage your time as you please.

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*You will not need planning permission in order to build one of our porches in most cases,

but we would suggest speaking with your local authority first to be sure of this.