Our porch kits not only add to your home’s aesthetic appeal but can also significantly enhance home accessibility and cater to varying mobility needs. A well-designed porch provides a transitional space, making the shift from outdoor to indoor spaces smoother and safer, particularly for those with mobility concerns.



Prioritising our customers’ independence has always been central to our design and installation approach. We recognise that for individuals with disabilities or mobility challenges, the addition of a wheelchair ramp or an accessible porch can be the difference between needing to relocate to a more accessible property and continuing to enjoy your cherished family home. Hence, we offer an extensive range of accessible options for our porches.

Many of our designs facilitate easy access for wheelchair users, while ensuring sufficient space for the wheelchair to navigate in and out of the home. Should you wish, your porch can also be connected to a garage or kitchen conversion to ease mobility around your home.

close up of a wooden oak porch on an old stone country house

Seamless Accessibility Solutions

Our wall-mounted porch design is ideal for homes with limited space, seamlessly integrating with the existing structure. Despite its compact form, it can effectively enhance entrance accessibility without sacrificing elegance or style. Alternatively, our combined wall and floor porch kits offer a more substantial, yet equally accessible solution. They provide a practical area for storing mobility aids, thus further improving access and convenience.

At The Porch Specialist, our commitment is to provide inclusive designs that deliver straightforward, affordable wheelchair-accessible porches and comprehensive solutions for all our clients. Speak to an expert today to discuss your individual access needs. 


We understand that circumstances such as illness, disability, or mobility issues may necessitate the adaptation of your porch to ensure safe and convenient access to your home. The integration of a wheelchair-accessible porch or a ramp can significantly enhance your independence, enabling you to enter and exit your home unaided.

Aside from facilitating wheelchair access, our porches can aid accessibility in various other ways:

  • Improved Lighting: A well-lit porch is an essential safety feature, especially for individuals with poor vision. Proper lighting can prevent accidents by illuminating obstacles or steps that could otherwise cause falls.
  • Safe Transitions: A porch serves as a transition space between the outdoors and the indoors. This can be particularly helpful for older adults or individuals with certain disabilities who may need to adjust to different lighting or temperature conditions.
  • Guardrails and Handrails: These can be installed along the porch and the entrance of the home. They provide support for those who may have difficulty walking or maintaining balance.
  • Non-Slip Surfaces: Porches can be designed with non-slip surfaces to reduce the risk of falls, particularly in wet weather.
  • Seating Areas: For those with limited stamina or mobility, a porch with a seating area allows for rest and recuperation before entering or after exiting the home.
  • Wide Doorways and Open Spaces: A porch designed with wide doorways and ample space can be beneficial for those using mobility aids, as well as for parents with strollers.

We are committed to incorporating these features as necessary to meet the individual accessibility needs of our clients.

Floor and Wall Mounted Porch Exterior


We provide solutions that merge functionality and style, creating spaces that not only enhance the value of your home but also improve its accessibility. Our high-quality, durable porch kits are designed with user-friendliness in mind, catering to a wide range of mobility needs and ensuring that every home can be a welcoming, accessible space.

To learn more about how The Porch Specialist can enhance the accessibility and aesthetic appeal of your home, contact our expert team for a personalised quote. 

We’ll help you make a strategic, cost-effective investment that elevates both the value and accessibility of your property. Contact us today to start the conversation and take the first step toward your dream porch.