With The Porch Specialist, you can relish in the luxury of oak without straining your budget. Discover the pleasure of a sensible investment that not only elevates the value but also boosts the visual appeal of your home, all without forsaking quality or elegance.

Our oak-framed porch kits present an affordable option, offering you the classic allure of oak without sacrificing quality or artisanal detail. By leveraging modern design and fabrication methods, coupled with eco-friendly materials, we are committed to providing premium oak frames that offer great worth for your expenditure.


Installing a wooden porch boosts your home’s appeal and market value. Its cost varies depending on style and custom features. To aid your financial planning, we offer personalised, competitive quotes, not one-size-fits-all pricing. 

Use our online tool or contact us directly to get a quote tailored to your needs. Our team is ready to respond promptly, providing cost-effective solutions to enhance your home’s value.

Floor and Wall Mounted Porch Exterior


We assure you that the cost we quote for a construction project is the total manufacturing cost.

Being a branch of the EHB Manufacturing group, we aren’t directly covered by their BM Trada Q-mark, but we adhere to the exact same production procedures and quality assurance processes. We leverage the same quality control methods and oak standards as all their construction projects.

The only items you’ll need to provide are any fixtures necessary for attaching your porch to your existing home, as these will depend on your home’s structure.



At The Porch Specialist, we are committed to providing products that go beyond mere aesthetic appeal. We believe in delivering long-lasting, quality constructions that stand the test of time.

Our quality control process is designed with a specific focus on durability, and ensuring the enduring robustness of our porch kits. Our meticulous methods and expert guidance come together to ensure that your porch will not only look exquisite but also withstand varying weather conditions for years to come. 

A longer-lasting structure means an invaluable investment that saves you money in the long run.

Our Standards for Durable Construction

We take immense pride in our top-tier quality control process, designed specifically to ensure enduring craftsmanship.

Our oak undergoes rigorous 3-point quality examinations. The first check occurs upon its arrival at our yard, followed by a second inspection when the oak is queued for machining, and finally a third appraisal post-machining, prior to packaging. Our Timber Graders undergo yearly certification to maintain their expertise.

Guaranteed Durability

After machining, each piece of timber is subjected to further scrutiny, confirming it complies with our elevated quality criteria and is free of hidden defects. This thorough quality assurance safeguards our porch kits’ resilience, enabling them to brave even the toughest weather conditions and stay looking beautiful with minimal maintenance costs.

Our team is on hand to provide expert guidance on the durability of the attributes of the materials incorporated into our kits. This ensures your porch won’t just be aesthetically pleasing, but also robustly built to endure diverse weather conditions, thus extending the lifespan and value of your home.


Our collection comprises a diverse array of wooden porch styles, all customisable to fit your size specifications. Each porch style outlined here can be fabricated from either oak or Douglas-fir timber, providing a spectrum of visual options, all the while ensuring cost-effective durability.

Wall-mounted Porch

Perfectly suited for homes with limited space, our affordable wall-mounted porches are the ideal solution. These kits blend seamlessly with your existing wall, creating a welcoming entrance that doesn’t compromise on elegance. Despite their compact design, these kits deliver a powerful aesthetic impact, proving that cost-effectiveness can also mean stylish.

Wall and Floor

For those looking for a more substantial solution, our cost-effective combined wall and floor porch kits deliver. These not only enhance your home’s curb appeal, but also offer a functional space for storing shoes, umbrellas, and other items. As with all our porch kits, these designs are easy to assemble, allowing you to improve your entrance with minimal effort and financial investment.