As long-time suppliers to property developers, we understand that you will be balancing several professional frustrations at once. Maintaining deadlines and budgets, meeting regulations and arranging deliveries, all while keeping your properties at their most “sellable”, isn’t easy. 

The Porch Specialist offers a practical solution – high-quality, ready-made timber porch kits. We’ve provided these for years to customers in your position across the UK for years, helping them streamline operations, improve property appeal, and ensure value for money every time. 

Find out more about how our oak and Douglas-fir frame porch kits can make your work easier and more effective here or get a quote straight away.

Floor and Wall Mounted Porch in Sun Angle 2

Open Floor and Wall Mounted Porch

Competitive Prices on Cost-Efficient Porch Kits

In the property development sector, cost and cost-efficiency are key. That’s why we offer all wooden porch kits at competitive prices to suit a range of budgets. 

Each kit is individually priced based on its design and style, ensuring you pay precisely for what you need. This approach eliminates unnecessary expenses, allowing you to manage your budget effectively while still acquiring a product that adds substantial value to your properties. 

With us, affordability meets quality, and every penny spent translates into direct value on your project.

Time-Saving Timber Designs

Deadlines are everything and time is of the essence in property development. With our porch kits, you can significantly reduce construction time and ease time constraints. Our products are designed for swift, simple assembly, with all necessary fixings included and clear instruction manuals provided. This eliminates the need for complex construction processes and helps you stay on schedule.

Frame material
Post size
Frame type
Post height
Porch width
Porch depth
Roof pitch
Front eaves beam
Front truss
Front beam ends

As a result, you’ll have a beautiful, durable porch installed promptly, allowing you to progress with other aspects of your project quickly.

Compliant with Legal and Regulatory Standards

Compliance with legal and regulatory standards is non-negotiable, but rest assured all our porch kits meet these industry requirements. Our years of experience in the field enable us to deliver products that not only satisfy aesthetic and durability needs but also adhere to legal norms. This ensures you face no regulatory hurdles with our porch kits installed in your properties. Trust our products to meet all criteria, providing you with peace of mind while adding value to your developments.

Helping You Enhance Your Sales

A well-crafted porch can significantly enhance the aesthetic value of a property, making it more enticing to potential buyers or tenants. This is especially true for timber porch kits, where the material is all part of the appeal. 

We only ever use the most durable and attractive wood available in our oak frame porches. This is all expertly crafted into a wide range of durable, versatile designs to ensure our products will always appeal to your target market. You’ll be boosting your marketing and sales efforts seamlessly.

Professional Nationwide Delivery

Geographical limitations shouldn’t restrict you from acquiring quality porch kits for your projects. We offer efficient delivery options that cover the whole of the UK and the Channel Islands. Regardless of where you or the properties are located, you can still receive our ready-to-assemble oak porch kits, designed to be long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. 

We’re also committed to ensuring that our products reach you promptly and safely, adding convenience to your overall purchasing experience.

Our Customer Support Service

Customer support is paramount to us. We understand that queries may arise, even with easy-to-assemble porch kit designs. That’s why we’re committed to providing exemplary support and guidance throughout the purchase process. 

Whether you have questions before making a decision, require assistance during assembly, or need help after installation, our team is readily available to ensure a smooth experience. We’re here to support you at every step, demonstrating our dedication to customer service and your satisfaction.

Bespoke Kits and Customisation Options

Versatility is vital in property development, and we cater to this need with a range of customisation options. Our porch kits come in various designs, finishes, and sizes, giving you the flexibility to select a product that perfectly aligns with your project’s requirements. 

Whether you’re looking to match a specific architectural style or need a particular size, our diverse options ensure you find the right fit. With us, you’ll receive a porch kit design that meets your aesthetic and practical needs, enhancing the appeal and value of your properties.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

In the face of growing environmental concerns, we stand committed to sustainability. Our timber is sustainably sourced from a carefully-managed site and all timber not used in construction is responsibly recycled. 

This commitment means that when you purchase our porch kits, you’re not just adding value to your properties but also contributing to a greener future. We believe in creating beautiful, durable porches without compromising our planet’s health. By choosing us, you’re choosing a work partner that prioritises environmental responsibility as much as quality and service.

Order Porch Kits for Your Projects Today

Add value, charm, and appeal to your properties with our top-quality timber frame porch kits. With competitive pricing, time-saving ready-made products, customisation options, and nationwide delivery, we contribute to a seamless and valuable addition to your projects.

Let’s discuss how our porch kits can meet your specific needs and enhance your properties’ appeal. Get in touch today for a quote and embark on a journey towards creating captivating spaces that resonate with potential buyers and tenants alike.

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