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Quick Buy Oak Framed Porches

Our quick buy porches can be with you

in as little as 7-9 weeks!

Already know what porch you’re looking for? View our range of pre-designed wall and floor mounted oak framed porches below. All our porches are handcrafted here in England and will be delivered ready to be assembled and fitted.

All the oak used in constructing our wooden porch kits is sourced sustainably, ensuring that each build lasts a lifetime. We only used 100% green oak timber in our construction process, all of which is checked by our on-site timber graders. Porch kits are designed for easy assembly, meaning everyone from the novice DIYer to the experienced carpenter can build our porches.

Why Choose an Oak Porch Kit?

One of the biggest advantages that comes with a wooden porch kit is the versatility. Wooden porches have the ability to merge seamlessly with almost any property thanks to their timeless design and adaptable features. Unlike cement, PVC and brick porches, wooden porches require little to no maintenance. Green oak benefits from being able to adapt to its environment throughout the seasons; withstanding harsh weather and temperature changes.

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