Our service offers a wide range of quality garden buildings and structures. When you want to include a bespoke oak gazebo in the design of your garden, our team will work with you to make sure your vision is met.

Between years of experience, an industry-recognised manufacturing process, and competitive prices, The Porch Specialist is your go-to company for bespoke garden structures. Contact us to discuss your needs with our team or find out more about crafting a custom-made garden gazebo through our service below.

Wooden Gazebo Kit

Crafting Bespoke Gazebos in the UK

We have worked for decades to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to design the bespoke products that they want for their properties. We will be happy to craft the design that you want for a custom-made gazebo. 

This means whether you are looking for a small, simple cover for a back garden hot tub or want a large, elegant design that fits a table for al fresco dining, our team can make it for you.

What Can Be Changed?

When deciding on different elements for your bespoke gazebo, you will be able to customise:

  • The size (the length and width)
  • The frame type
  • The joints
  • The trusses
  • The roof design (canopy)
  • The roofing material options

Our Process

We maintain a carefully-managed manufacturing process. The systems we have in place guarantee all products are consistently made to the highest quality – and nothing less than industry standards. This includes all bespoke gazebos.

  • All timber is taken from a specially-designated site in France, where it will have been grown to be as tall, strong, and straight as possible. This minimises the amount of timber wasted and maximises the number of products we are able to make.
  • The timber will be graded by our experienced team of carpenters and timber graders when it arrives at our UK workshops. This ensures only the best quality wood is used in our products.
  • Our in-house team will work with customers to develop their chosen designs from briefs created.
  • Once the order has been agreed upon and signed off, the manufacturing process will begin. When this is done, the frames will be hand-finished by our team to the regulations that make them industry standard.
  • All bespoke wooden gazebos will be delivered to their purchasers across mainland UK.

To learn more about any of the specific steps involved in the process, get in touch and speak to a member of our team.

Our Prices

Prices for all of our wooden gazebos are calculated on an individual basis. This is because each design manufactured and sold will vary depending on what the customer would like for their own garden. As a result, some customers may end up paying more for larger, or more complex, designs than others.

We will work with you closely on the creation of your bespoke oak gazebo, supplying quotes based on the inclusion or removal of certain features. In the end, you should only have to pay for what you know you want to include in your purchase.

If you should find a service that offers a like-for-like product and manufacturing process, but at a cheaper price, we may also be able to offer competitive prices. Contact us to learn more about this, or to see how we can match or beat the cost elsewhere.

Design Your Ideal Gazebo Today

If you are planning on enhancing the look and use of your garden space by installing a finely-made gazebo for outdoor leisure and relaxation, contact us today. Our staff will be ready and waiting to discuss your requirements so that we can start building your bespoke design as soon as possible.

We will do everything we can to ensure the design you want is exactly what you receive, and all of it will be made from the highest quality materials we have available. All products will be delivered to customers across the UK within 6 to 8 weeks of the work being signed off.