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Made in Britain and manufactured in the UK, we specialise in curating bespoke vehicle gazebos to keep your car clean and sheltered all year round. We use green oak or Douglas-fir timber to construct our durable vehicle shelters. Prepared with traditional jointing techniques, you can expect straightforward assembly and installation.

With precision engineering and skillfully crafted timber kits which can be assembled by anybody, The Porch Specialist offers a unique service that ensures all projects are completed at a time which suits you best. There are no hidden excesses or further costs, only quality UK artistry. Once your order is complete, your bespoke car gazebo will be shipped directly to you across the UK and Channel Islands within six to eight weeks.

All of our products are made using state-of-the-art machinery, allowing for precision and consistency in creation. Your gazebo can be up and ready to shelter your car in no time with our instruction manual and required fixings unique to each order.

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Why Choose an Oak Car Gazebo?

The reliability of a hardwearing, wooden gazebo is an important amenity that we want all of our customers to have. You can choose one of our incredible existing gazebo ideas or create something entirely bespoke to fit your needs.

You can buy with complete confidence knowing that our oak gazebo kits are all cut with the state-of-the-art Hundegger CNC machine. This advanced technology consistently produces accurate beams which then slot together seamlessly for ease of assembly. Every piece of timber that we order from our specially selected site in France is checked by our highly trained graders who are always up-to-date on the latest methods.

Due to being a leading supplier of stunningly-crafted wooden gazebos in the UK, you can trust that we will supply our customers with the highest quality of construction experience and sustainable materials.


Customising Your Car Gazebo

Your design options are endless when it comes to designing your own vehicle shelter with The Porch Specialist. Included in the price are all the oak components you will need, including the ability to customise every aspect. Decide on the size of your gazebo, its height and so much more.

We will work collaboratively with you to ensure that both you and your car are happy and protected. Wooden car gazebos are a superior choice when considering the material and when looking for something to provide a durable and weatherproof garden structure that allows you to shelter your car from any condition.

Designed with your car in mind, your bespoke car gazebo will keep your car clean and safe from the elements all year round. Building a customised car gazebo will protect your car from debris, dirt and pollen and allow you to work on your car privately in all weather.

Due to The Porch Specialist allowing you to customise every aspect of your car gazebo, we will ensure that every purpose is considered and your gazebo is built to utilise this. Whether you will be using your car gazebo for multiple car parking, to mimic a garage, to provide a shelter for you to work on outdoor projects or to add some luxury to your car parking space, we endeavour to build and deliver something perfect for you.


Car Gazebo With Sides

When deciding on your custom ideas for your oak car gazebo, a car gazebo with sides is a practicality to be considered. The Porch Specialist offers a wide variety of existing covered porch kits, which have been designed to merge effortlessly with your property. We are specialists in creating covered porches, gazebos and pergolas, therefore have no hesitation in applying this side wall amenity to your car gazebo to provide additional cover and protection. We can create your bespoke car gazebo to include sides and be further enclosed to protect you and your vehicle from tree sap, debris and weather. You can choose how much of your gazebo is shielded, whether you wish to have partial or full coverage, depending on what the main use of your car gazebo will be.

Your Bespoke Wooden Car Gazebo: How It Works

1. Design

You are entirely in control of how you want your car gazebo to look. Whether choosing an existing design or wanting to create your own formula to make your garden structure entirely unique to your garden, The Porch Specialist will support and manufacture our car gazebos to suit every requirement you have. 

2. Quality Assurance

Each design is crafted using the strongest green oak or Douglas-fir timber sourced from a specially designated site in France. Our timber possesses immaculate strength and a timeless, beautiful appearance. Every single one of our kits is manufactured using a process that’s been certified by BM TRADA. You can purchase your kit in confidence that your car gazebo has been globally tested and crafted to industry standards.

3. Delivery

Within 6-8 weeks of your perfect design sign-off, your bespoke oak car gazebo kit will be built and delivered to your home ready for easy assembly. Alternatively, we provide the option to collect your car gazebo kit yourself from our factory in East Sussex.

Each kit comes with pre-cut and pre-drilled materials along with detailed instructions that mean you can easily assemble it yourself!


There are many reasons why homeowners make us their first choice when looking for just the right back or front porch design, which we are more than happy to share with and explain to our customers:

Sustainably Sourced Only – All of our products, no matter the size, style or design, are all made from the same sustainably sourced green oak and Douglas-fir taken from a specially selected site in France. When grown, they are cultivated to be as tall and straight as possible to avoid excess waste in manufacture and we will always plant three new trees for every one that is used in our work. This ensures that we will be able to provide our customers with the high quality products they need for years to come.
We Grade and Check All Timber – We have a team of highly trained and fully qualified carpenters and timber graders ready and waiting to thoroughly check every piece of timber that comes through our workshop. They will ensure that each piece is as strong and unflawed as it should be, as wood with weaknesses or faults may have an impact on the structural integrity of a kit and cannot be used. Any pieces like this that we find will be responsibly recycled instead.
State-of-the-Art Machinery – We use the latest technology to assist in our timber grading, as this equipment can pick up on flaws that the human eye might not spot. We also use machinery which allows for precision accuracy in the manufacturing process, so each part of each kit of the same type will be made in the exact same way, ruling out human error and preventing faults in construction.
We Have Q-Mark Equivalent Products – All of our porches, whether they are covered or not, are made to standards set by Exova BM TRADA. This means you can be sure you are getting one of the highest quality porches available on the market.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

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