Wooden Gazebo

Our custom green oak gazebos are the perfect luxury addition to any garden. Using sustainable and durable materials, your garden gazebo is designed to innately and practically transform your outdoor space.

Garden gazebos are a flawless addition to your outdoor living space. Whether you are using a garden gazebo to enhance your outdoor seating area, cover your hot tub or protect your vehicle, they allow you to create a sheltered sanctuary in your garden. Enjoy the shade during summer parties, barbecues or just shield from all weather conditions with your bespoke oak garden gazebo.

The Porch Specialist will ensure that your vision is met with our passionately skilled designers and the highest standard of quality assurance in line with BM TRADA. We will guarantee that your hand-crafted oak garden gazebo is built to last. Talk to our team today for more information and to discuss your options.

How We Build Your Garden Gazebo

Our oak garden gazebos are built to your exact specifications with the ability to be able to customise any part. Included in our kits are all of the components needed to put your garden gazebo together effortlessly. All of our DIY garden gazebos are made to measure with reliable, top-of-the-line materials and are pre-cut and pre-drilled for seamless assembly.

The Porch Specialist endeavour to create your dream garden gazebo by following and upstanding our rigorous manufacturing methods to produce our immaculate quality frames. We use a range of techniques to ensure that your gazebo is not only beautiful, but long-lasting:

  • Sustainable Materials
    All of our existing and personally customised products are crafted from sustainable timber, sourced from France by our highly trained graders. The green oak that we work with is slow-grown oak, meaning that the species of timber used is longer, straighter and stronger, ensuring longevity.
  • Quality Control
    Each piece of timber is meticulously checked and examined for any defects or imperfections. This is to ensure that the grades of oak that are being chosen for your bespoke gazebo are resilient and long-lasting.
  • Traditional Joining Methods
    Our carpenters operate traditional jointing methods which enable each wooden beam to seamlessly slot together, therefore making the kit easier to assemble without any fuss.

For further information on how we commit to ensuring our products are nothing but the best of quality, please take a look at our quality assurance promise here.

Ways to Use Your Gazebo

Our garden gazebos provide a prevailing, durable yet beautiful addition to any outdoor living space. Using high-grade, sustainable green oak for construction, your garden gazebo is built to last a lifetime and can be used for whatever you desire. Being the proud owner of a bespoke garden gazebo from The Porch Specialist allows you to enjoy your outdoor space in all kinds of weather for every kind of event.

A garden gazebo can be used to improve your garden in many ways:

  • Outdoor Venue Cover
    Your tailored oak garden gazebo is the perfect addition to provide an open-plan weather-proof shelter, providing the ideal outdoor venue for summer parties, barbecues or even just a roof for your outdoor seating area.
  • Vehicle Protection
    Not only can your garden gazebo be used to help you utilise your outdoor space, but it can also be used to protect your vehicles. Whether you have a bike, car, or both, a garden gazebo provides weatherproof protection while not compromising the aesthetic of your outdoor space. Due to the beautiful oak that is used to construct the gazebos, your possessions will be protected without overthrowing the charm of your garden.
  • Focal Point
    As can be seen in our existing gazebo ideas, when choosing to install a standalone gazebo, these can be used to create a stunning focal point within your garden. Whether it be a more traditional garden gazebo or a completely bespoke design, your structure can be nestled in trees, decorated in foliage and lights or left natural for a striking feature piece within your outdoor space.

Receive Your Free Gazebo Quote Today

Whether you are looking to aesthetically enhance your outdoor living with this gorgeous oak garden gazebo or you’re aiming to provide some durable, trustworthy shelter for your outside activities, we are happy to discuss all options and make your visions come true. We will work alongside you to provide an entirely bespoke, stunning garden gazebo made from the finest timber.

You can tailor your garden gazebo to build a completely unique kit. This means that you can customise each element of your build to fit your garden space perfectly. Big or small, lean-to or standalone, you choose your design and our expert designers will get to work creating your flawless kit.

Shipping across the UK and Channel Islands within six to eight weeks, our team are enthusiastic to discuss your options!