Wooden Gazebo

Beautiful Wooden Gazebos Kits

We are a leading supplier of stunningly-crafted wooden gazebos in the UK. Our wooden gazebo kits are made to measure to your exacting specifications and delivered to your home for you to assemble. 

Every one of our DIY wooden gazebo kits is primed for easy assembly, allowing you to erect a beautiful garden structure in no time. The impressive range of customisation options we offer means your wooden garden gazebo will be unique to you and a great addition to your outside area. 

With decades of timber construction experience, a rigorous quality assurance process, and countless happy clients, we are the premium choice for your wooden gazebo. Talk to our team today to get a bespoke, no-obligation quote on a beautiful wooden gazebo and transform your garden living.

Wooden Gazebo Kit

Customise Your Wooden Garden Gazebo Kit

Included in the price for your wooden gazebo kit are all the oak components your need to put your kit together seamlessly. Also included is the ability to customise every part. Decide on the species of oak, the size of your wood gazebo, its roof pitch, whether you want side panels and trellis panels, and so much more.

When you choose a wooden gazebo made by The Porch Specialist, you become the master of your own building project. Your wooden gazebo kit will be carefully crafted and delivered to your UK home within six to eight weeks.
We work collaboratively to achieve your dream garden gazebo, meeting budget, space, and time requirements however unique. Just talk to our helpful team of experienced professionals to get the ball rolling on your gazebo project.

Wooden Gazebo in Garden

How You Can Benefit From a New Wood Gazebo

A wooden gazebo with a roof makes for a stunning garden building that can become a multifunctional space. Your outdoor area can greatly benefit from a garden gazebo in a number of ways.

Imagine summer evenings in a charming seating area with friends and family, surrounded by a cornucopia of brightly coloured flowers climbing intricate trellis panels. Create an eye-catching focal point or gorgeous garden feature with a wooden gazebo made of high-quality oak. 

Wooden garden gazebos are a cut above the rest when it comes to material, providing a durable, weatherproof garden structure that allows you to make the most of your outdoor area. You can even build your heavy-duty gazebo over a hot tub for enhanced privacy and protection.

However you decide to use your wooden gazebo, your outdoor area will be completely transformed for the better.

Why You Should Get Your Wooden Gazebo Kit From Us

Nowhere else can you be as involved in the build of your unique garden gazebo as you can be with The Porch Specialist. We work as collaboratively as possible to ensure all your needs are met and you know exactly what you’re paying for. With detailed instructions provided with every wooden gazebo kit as well as aftercare instructions, the value for money is exceptional.

At The Porch Specialist, we are simply experts in timber. Our passionate carpenters work to create wooden frames that are of outstanding quality and that create stunning garden buildings that will stand proud on your property for years to come. Weatherproofed and quality-assured, these gazebos are the best money can buy.

Close-up of an open porch

Our Timber Quality Assurance Process

To ensure each and every wooden frame kit we produce is up to our incredibly high standards, we enact a thorough quality assurance process:

  • Professional Timber Grading: Every piece of timber that we order in from our specially selected site in France is checked by our highly trained graders who are always up-to-date on the latest methods. Any faults or flaws, however minor, that could compromise the stability or strength of your wood gazebo frame are rejected and the timber is responsibly recycled. 
  • Precision Engineering: Our wooden gazebo kits are all cut with the state-of-the-art Hundegger CNC machine. This advanced technology consistently produces accurate beams which then slot together seamlessly for ease of assembly. All beams will also come pre-drilled and pre-cut, so putting your wooden gazebo up is a piece of cake.
Gazebo as Garden Room
  • Quality Control: Our machinery is constantly calibrated to ensure the utmost accuracy throughout the process. As well as this, each beam is repeatedly cross-referenced against your dedicated file to ensure all parts of your wooden gazebo kit are present and correct.
  • Sustainable Practices: We source timbers from the Quercus Robur and Quercus Petraea oak, as they are renowned for their consistent delivery of the best timber for construction. The site we use cultivates slow-grown oaks that are allowed to reach their full height – this means more can be used in construction and less is wasted.

Start Building Your Wood Frame Gazebo Kit Today

When you’re looking for the ideal garden structure to enhance your outdoor living, a wooden gazebo is the answer. Beautiful, versatile and hardwearing, a wooden gazebo will provide you with a small sanctuary in your garden.

At The Porch Specialist, all your needs are met by our team of dedicated professionals. However you want to customise your wooden gazebo, we will endeavour to accommodate it. Our rigorous manufacturing methods produce quality frames and outstanding garden structures every time. 

To start building your dream garden gazebo, just get in touch today and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.