Handcrafted Wooden Corner Pergola Kits

The Porch Specialist offers beautiful corner pergola kits for your garden. An oak or Douglas-fir timber pergola can bring a classical beauty to your garden, complementing your house and offering a brilliant shaded space for everything from dining to relaxation. Our high quality corner DIY pergola kits are tailored to the specifications of your property, and easy to assemble at home, giving you the perfect garden space in no time. Contact us today to place an order on your hand crafted corner pergola kit.

Why Choose a Wooden Corner Pergola for Your Home?

Pergolas are durable and multipurpose, bringing a useful, attractive space to your garden. A corner pergola, usually built as a triangle with either a flat or curved outer edge of rafters, can be the perfect addition to the outside of your house, sitting over your patio. A corner pergola can be perfect for a smaller garden, or for connecting two sections of a house. Our pergolas are free standing, and designed to be permanent fixtures in your garden.

A pergola can either be painted to match with your house or left with its original wood finish, then decorated with climbing plants like wisteria or with fairy lights. Pergolas blend seamlessly with both classical and modernist architectural styles, giving you a cosy outdoor space in your garden. Depending on the size of your pergola, it can be perfect for everything from a couple of deckchairs to a dining table. 

Pergolas are unlikely to require planning permission, but if you are unsure it is always worth checking with your local authorities.

Bespoke Corner Pergola Kits Delivering Across the UK

No two gardens are the same, and we don’t believe pergolas should be the same either. We are happy to offer bespoke pergola designs, building you a product minutely tailored to your home. Whatever your needs, The Porch Specialist will do everything we can to design your perfect pergola.

Talk to a member of our team today about our wide range of options in terms of corner pergolas, our excellent product quality, and our easy to assemble kits.

Why Choose The Porch Specialist?

We take great pride in our products, and in the service we provide to all of our customers. We believe there are several key factors that distinguish us within the marketplace, and should make us your first choice when looking for a corner pergola kit in the UK:

Sustainable Wood: Our corner pergola kits come in a choice of green oak or Douglas-fir timber, both famed for their aesthetic qualities and their sturdiness. All of our wood is sustainably sourced, from a specially selected site in France. For every tree used in one of our products, three more saplings will be planted. As a company, we are committed to sustainable operations, and the longevity of our products.

Expert Wood Grading: All wood arriving at our East Sussex site is rigorously checked by our expert team of timber graders and carpenters. They will utilise state of the art technology to check each piece of wood for minute faults, warps, and cracks. Anything that could undermine the integrity of our products is sustainably recycled, further demonstrating our commitment to sustainable environmental policies.

Precision Guaranteed: We use high end manufacturing technology to ensure the precision of our pergola kits. When cutting our wooden frames, it is essential that they align precisely with our design specifications, to allow for easy construction, and to ensure the long term structural integrity of our products. 

BM TRADA standards: All of our products adhere to BM TRADA standards, an industry leading certification panel. These exacting standards offer reassurance to all of our customers that when they buy one of our timber kits they are investing in a structure that is built to last.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

Our Easy to Assemble Corner Pergola Kits

Our corner pergola kits are designed for easy assembly, using traditional jointing techniques to allow beams to easily slot together, whilst leaving a rigid structure upon completion. They are comfortably within the abilities of any DIY enthusiast, allowing you to construct your new pergola on your own schedule, and save costs on labour.

We include easy step by step instructions with every kit we sell, walking you through the construction and installation process. If required, we are happy to provide a copy of the design drawings for your pergola to you.

The Price of Our Corner Pergola Kits

All of our prices are bespoke, based on materials and complexity. We do not charge more for our unique designs, as we believe in offering a bespoke service to all customers.

Our prices are competitive, and we are happy to give free, no obligation quotes through our websites. If you are curious about the costs of one of our corner pergola kits, get a free quote through our website today.

A Corner Pergola Could Reinvent Your Garden

The Porch Specialist offers high quality corner pergola kits, customised to the needs and dimensions of your house. Whether big or small, a sleek wooden pergola can be the perfect complement to your house, perfect for entertaining friends and family, relaxing in the summer, even for an outdoor workspace. If your patio is in dire need of shade in the summer, a pergola is the stylish solution.

We aim to get our pergola kits into our customers hands as soon as possible, whilst maintaining our high levels of quality. We can start work as soon as designs are signed off, and can dispatch your corner pergola kit across the UK with free delivery as soon as work has finished. From there, you can assemble it on your own schedule, but with our simple jointing and clear instructions you are sure of a stress free assembly. In no time, you will have a beautiful corner pergola in your garden.

If you have any queries about our bespoke corner pergola kits, or would like to place an order for yours today, contact us now and one of our expert team can talk to you.