Timber L-Shaped Pergola Kits Crafted in the UK

We build wooden L-shaped pergola kits to bespoke requirements, providing the perfect addition to your outdoor space to make it uniquely yours. Our frames are made from high-quality oaks by highly-skilled and passionate craftsmen in our UK workshop. 

From the sign-off of planning drawings, your oak-framed pergola kit will be delivered to your door in 6-8 weeks for you to install. Specially designed for easy assembly and accompanied by detailed instructions, you can get your L-shaped pergola up swiftly and simply. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your existing plans or to start making them, and get the ball rolling on your pergola project. You can get a free, no-obligation quote.

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Garden pergola next to a house

How a Modern L-Shaped Pergola Will Reinvent Your Outdoor Area

With the simple addition of a pergola to your garden, your outside area will be transformed. A pergola is a multi-functional structure, adding both decorative flair and shade.

An L-shaped pergola can suit a smaller garden space or connect two different parts of a larger garden. Cover a garden path with a corner pergola, growing climbing plants up the trellis creating a beautiful archway of flowers. Or, shelter a patio seating area and create a dedicated entertaining space where you can enjoy memorable garden parties and summer barbecues.

The Oak Difference

Oak provides a timeless look, suited to both contemporary and traditional design styles. For an aesthetic charm, it’s hard to beat quality oak timbers. You can also easily paint oak to make your L-shaped pergola even more unique.

As well as its aesthetic appeal, oak is also one of the most durable construction materials. Weatherproof and able to withstand heavy loads, your oak-framed pergola should stand tall in your garden for decades to come.

Ordering an L-Shaped Pergola Kit: How it Works

Placing Your Order

We are dedicated to making the ordering process simple and efficient. If you already have plans and dimensions, call us or fill in a contact form to discuss them. Alternatively, we can help you decide on the right size dimensions and design for your L-shaped pergola.

Planning Drawings

Once we’ve discussed your design, we create detailed planning drawings for the building of your pergola frame kit. We show these to you and get full sign-off before crafting. Your order will have a dedicated planning file that we refer to continually to ensure you get exactly what you ordered.


We source all of our timber from sustainable sites in Europe and ensure thorough grading checks are completed by our highly skilled professionals, so only the finest timbers are used. With a combination of masterful traditional jointing techniques and high-tech machinery, your frame is hand-built to BM TRADA standards.

Delivery & Assembly

Your kit will be sent to you within 6-8 weeks of the planning drawings being signed off. We deliver across the UK. Every kit we make is primed for easy assembly and comes with all parts and instructions you need to allow for a straightforward installation.

Newly built pergola

Why Choose the Porch Specialist for Your L-Shaped Pergola?

Timber Expertise

When it comes to the quality of timber craftsmanship, we are a cut above the rest. Our incredibly high standards for our quality assurance process make us the pergola builders of choice. 

Industry-standard timber grading and precision engineering are part and parcel of our service. This means the end product is exceptionally strong and durable and will last on your property for years to come, looking beautiful doing so.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are also committed to sustainable practices, ensuring we only use timbers from environmentally-friendly sources. When we inspect a timber and find any fault (however minor) that prevents us from using it in your kit, our team makes sure to recycle it responsibly.

Bespoke Care

Your L-shaped pergola design will be completely yours from the get-go. Our long experience in custom builds means we are best placed to create the L-shaped pergola that’s bespoke to your space. Every order we make has a dedicated file from which we never deviate, ensuring the pergola you ordered is the pergola that’s delivered.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

Keeping Pergola Kits Easily Assembled

We make sure that our pergola kits are primed and prepared for a simple, swift assembly, using traditional jointing techniques that allow each part to slot neatly together before a full installation. This makes them a more attractive option for tradesmen and homeowners alike, as they offer a high quality structure that can be put together in no time at all, meaning it will be ready for use or to meet a deadline whenever you need.

All of our wood pergola kits come with easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through the building work, and planning drawings are available upon request.

Our Prices for Pergola Kits in the UK

Prices for our pergolas will vary, depending on what you need and would like to see in the finished design. Factors that could play a part in determining the price of your own kit include its size and the complexity of the design. 

As an example, you might expect a small, decorative pergola that will only be used to grow climbing plants to cost less than a large pergola with a roof that will cover your garden furniture and be used as a sheltered seating area.

Craft Your Unique L-Shaped Pergola Today

An L-shaped pergola will transform your garden, enhancing the way you enjoy an outside area. In the summer months especially, your pergola will add something special to your outdoor living experience.

When you order from The Porch Specialist, you get unrivalled quality assurance and a custom-built L-shaped pergola you can’t wait to use. Just get in touch to start your order and receive a free, no-obligation quote.