Handcrafted Rectangular Pergola Kits for Your Garden

Craft your dream rectangular pergola with The Porch Specialist. We design and build masterful oak-framed pergola kits in the UK that are completed to your custom specifications. Each kit is delivered to your door and designed for simple DIY assembly.

We are renowned for excellence in construction, with highly-trained timber graders, passionate carpenters, and high-tech machinery all part of our service. A rectangular pergola from us will stand strong and beautiful in your garden for years to come.

Get in touch with us to start making your pergola plans or to discuss existing ones. We can provide free, no-obligation quotes on your bespoke build.

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Garden pergola next to a house

Why You Need a Rectangular Wooden Pergola

Adding a pergola to your garden is one of the most transformative additions to outdoor living. Pergolas add decorative sheen as well as provide shade from the sun. Whether it’s a large rectangular pergola covering a patio space or a more narrow one acting as a pretty archway on a garden path, the aesthetic and practical values are fantastic.

Picture garden parties, summer barbecues, and fragrant spring scents from climbing plants on your trelliswork. A pergola is an essential part of a well-designed garden area.

The Oak Difference

Choosing oak for the frame of your rectangular pergola just adds to the benefit. The quality oaks that we use create a charming, classic aesthetic that other materials just can’t replicate. Oak is also easy to customise, looking great with a paint job or in its natural woody hues. Add lighting, plants, and garden furniture and you’ve got a dedicated space for beauty outdoors.

Oak is also exceptionally weatherproof and strong, proving a durable material for garden structures that last for years. An oak-framed rectangular pergola from us is a long-term investment.

Our Bespoke Rectangular Pergola Kits

We build all of our pergola kits to the bespoke specifications of our customers. Whatever size or particular dimensions you‘re picturing for your rectangular pergola, we can accommodate.

Placing Your Order

The first step is to get in contact with our team to discuss your plans, whether you already have planning drawings or want advice. We are experts in timber construction and well-versed in UK planning laws, so can help determine if your structure requires planning permission and can even help you with applications.

We will create detailed production plans for your pergola frame and get every part signed off on by you before we begin construction. This will be part of your order’s dedicated file which we will continually use as a reference, ensuring the finished product is exactly what you ordered.


We order timbers from sustainable sites and put each beam through a rigorous grading check. Only immaculate beams are allowed through for use in your pergola frame. Our talented team uses a combination of traditional jointing techniques and cutting-edge technology to construct the kit. Every frame is built to revered BM TRADA standards.

Delivery & Assembly

Between 6-8 weeks after you’ve signed off on the planning drawings, your finished pergola kit will be delivered to your door. Alternatively, you can collect it from our East Sussex workshop. Our frames are designed for straightforward DIY assembly. All fixings and parts needed to put your pergola together will be included, as well as detailed instructions.

Newly built pergola

Why Choose Us to Build Your Rectangular Pergola?

Bespoke Builds

We specialise in custom-made pergolas. As passionate timber manufacturers, we are committed to fulfilling your vision and making a rectangular pergola that you’ll love and value.

Timber Grading

We are known for masterful timber craftsmanship. Our timber construction expertise makes us the builder of choice for quality garden structures. The 5-step quality assurance process is completed by certified timber graders and timber experts, ensuring the finished product is of impeccable quality.

Precision Cuts

Our Hundegger CNC machine is state-of-the-art and able to execute precision cuts every time. This means superior structural integrity and ensures the beams of your timber pergola frame slot together seamlessly.

Easy Assembly

All pergola kits come complete with clear, detailed instructions. All beams are pre-drilled for fixings and pre-cut for birdsmouth jointed rafters and all components are coded to assist in a simple, efficient assembly process.

Commitment to Sustainability

We only use sites that grow their oaks in an environmentally-friendly manner and ensure to responsibly recycle any beams we can’t use for frames.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

Keeping Pergola Kits Easily Assembled

We make sure that our pergola kits are primed and prepared for a simple, swift assembly, using traditional jointing techniques that allow each part to slot neatly together before a full installation. This makes them a more attractive option for tradesmen and homeowners alike, as they offer a high quality structure that can be put together in no time at all, meaning it will be ready for use or to meet a deadline whenever you need.

All of our wood pergola kits come with easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through the building work, and planning drawings are available upon request.

Our Prices for Pergola Kits in the UK

Prices for our pergolas will vary, depending on what you need and would like to see in the finished design. Factors that could play a part in determining the price of your own kit include its size and the complexity of the design. 

As an example, you might expect a small, decorative pergola that will only be used to grow climbing plants to cost less than a large pergola with a roof that will cover your garden furniture and be used as a sheltered seating area.

Start Your Custom Rectangular Pergola Build Today

A pergola will transform how you use your outside area for the better. Let us build a beautiful bespoke wooden pergola that’s unique to your home. Just contact us today and get started on your order, or to get a free, no-obligation quote.