Small Pergola

We can design and build a stunning small pergola kit for you. A pergola can bring character and utility to your garden space, offering a small shaded area to relax, work or socialise. Our high-quality wooden pergola kits are built from sustainable wood, with designs tailored to the needs and dimensions of your property. 

Our kits are easy to build at home, allowing you to save money on construction and assemble them around your schedule.
Whatever your needs in a small pergola, The Porch Specialist will assemble a sturdy and attractive kit. Talk to us today for a no-obligation quote on a bespoke small garden pergola kit.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

The Rustic Joy of a Small Wooden Pergola

Throughout history, the pergola has been a recurring trend in garden design, everywhere from ancient Egypt, to renaissance Italy, to England in the late nineteenth century. Our small wooden garden pergolas are built from Douglas-fir or green oak timber, offering style and durability. 

A small pergola could be used within your outdoor space as a small social area, covering a couple of chairs for a seating area – or creating a shaded workspace. Pergolas can be easily decorated with climbing plants to make a green space, or with hanging lights to make a space that can be used at night, aiding outdoor living. Pergolas create a multipurpose space, which can be changed to fit a variety of settings and purposes.

Bespoke Wooden Small Pergola Kits

We offer a truly bespoke design on each of our pergola kits. If you are looking for a small pergola, perhaps for a city garden, we can build our kits to your exact specifications. You can adjust many features, such as the size or number of posts, and the end beam design. 

Whatever size garden you are looking to install a pergola in, no matter how small, we will be able to design and construct a bespoke kit for it. They are an excellent home improvement method for revitalising your garden. All of our pergolas are designed to be heavy-duty, with classic designs improving the strength and stability of our range.

Why Choose The Porch Specialist for Your Small Pergola Kit?

The Porch Specialist makes kits of the highest quality, emphasising sustainability, accuracy and longevity in our product range. We believe that our small wooden pergola kits are unique in several key ways:

  • Timber from sustainable sources: All of our products are built from sustainable wood, sourced from a carefully chosen source in France. You will have a choice of green oak or Douglas-fir timber in your pergola kit, both of which possess great strength and a beautiful look. For every tree used in our kits, we’ll plant three saplings. This helps to protect our forests, ensuring that quality wood products can be produced far into the future.
  • Accurate timber grading: When it arrives at our UK workshop, all of our wood goes through a thorough assessment process. We employ a team of experienced carpenters and timber graders, who’ll utilise cutting edge technology to scan each piece of wood, searching for any defects, however small, that might impact the stability of our product range. All wood that doesn’t pass this assessment will be sustainably recycled.
  • Precision cut wooden kits: Our expert team uses high-grade equipment during the manufacturing process – to help ensure the accuracy of our kits. This high level of accuracy helps to assure a smooth building experience, and further contributes to the long term stability of our small pergolas.
  • Built to BM TRADA standards: We build all of our kits, both our pergolas and our porches, to the high standards set by BM TRADA. An industry leading certification body, the BM TRADA approval of our kits is a testament to their quality, durability and sustainability.

Easy To Assemble Wooden Pergolas

Our small pergola kits are built with traditional jointing techniques, ensuring a quick and easy assembly process, with the tongue and groove design of our joints improving the strength of our pergolas. With a small amount of DIY experience, you will be able to build a pergola and install it successfully. Our pergola kits come with detailed instructions, and we are able to send you the planning drawings for your pergola if needed.

Once built you’ll be ready to decorate your pergola however you want, installing climbing plants for a green roof, or using a traditional roof for shade. You can add lights to your pergola, and even add hanging baskets of plants. You can make your small pergola unique with your design choices.

Will I Need Planning Permission for a Small Pergola?

It is unlikely you will require planning permission to build and install a small pergola in your garden. On most properties, a wooden pergola would comfortably fit within the bounds of permitted development.

The exceptions to this could come when your property is a listed building, or rests within an area of outstanding natural beauty. If you have any concerns about your rights to build a small garden pergola on your property, contact your local housing authority.

The Cost of Our Small Pergola Kits

Our small pergola kits come with bespoke prices, calculated based on the materials used within a design. Our pergola costs are competitive and we are happy to offer no-obligation quotes on our pergola kits. To find out the cost of a small pergola kit that is tailored to your needs, get a free quote through our website today. With just a little DIY experience, there will be no cost to build our garden pergolas.

Order Your Beautiful Small Pergola Kit Today

Our expert design team is ready to start work on your bespoke small pergola kit today. A small pergola can create a relaxing focal point within a larger garden, or take advantage of smaller garden spaces. 

You can decorate your pergola with plants, lights, or even a roof. Our kits are quick to assemble and built to last. Our team can start work as soon as you place your order – with UK-wide delivery options available.

Your new small pergola will be the perfect bespoke addition to your garden. The Porch Specialist will build you a stunning, sturdy kit to your exact design requirements. 

Make an enquiry today and we can begin production on your custom designed small garden pergola kit, delivering it to you as soon as possible.
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