Wall mounted Pergola

Wall Mounted Pergola Kits

Wall-mounted pergolas present a beautiful space-saving option for transforming your outside area. We provide beautifully crafted pergola kits that are easy to assemble and completely bespoke to your requirements.

Pergolas allow for a separated sanctuary in your outside space that enhances your experience of it. A wall-mounted pergola, in particular, can add to your existing decking or terrace space and provide a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor living. Enjoy shade and weather protection in a beautiful garden structure that you can adorn with climbing plants and ambient lighting.

With passionate craftsmanship, years of experience, and the highest standard of quality assurance in line with BM TRADA, our wall-mounted pergola kits are a cut above the rest. Talk to our team to discuss your pergola project today and get a free, no-obligation quote.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

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Your Wall Mounted Garden Pergola Kit: How It Works

We are specialists in custom designs of high-quality pergola kits that you can assemble yourself. With the bespoke nature of our builds, you can put together a unique wall-mounted pergola that suits your home. We’ll make the frame and deliver it to you for you to put up at home. 

  1. Designing: If you already have the plans together for your wall-mounted pergola, just get in touch to discuss these and we can provide a cost and time estimation for you over the phone. Alternatively, we can help you design your wall-mounted pergola kit and talk you through what will best suit your needs and your property. You’ll be able to choose the size and customise elements like the rafters and runners and more.
  1. Sign-off: Once we have the design, we create the planning drawings for you and go through every part of the design and the process to get your approval to go ahead. 
  1. Building: We then get to work building your kit straight away. You can read about our rigorous manufacturing method and quality assurance processes below. We make sure to check everything against your dedicated file to ensure we follow the design you signed off on to the ‘T’.
  1. Delivery: Within 6-8 weeks of design sign-off, your bespoke wall-mounted pergola kit will be built and delivered to your home. You can also collect your pergola kit yourself from our factory in East Sussex with an appropriate vehicle.

Each kit comes with detailed instructions that mean you can easily assemble it yourself!

How Does Payment Work?

You can pay 20% deposit over the phone upon ordering your kit before the final balance is due one week before delivery.

Why Choose a Wooden Wall-Mounted Pergola Over Other Materials?

Wood is the best choice for a pergola in your garden for 3 simple reasons:

  • Quality

We craft all of our pergola kits out of Quercus Robur or Quercus Petraea oak species. These oaks are known for consistently delivering the finest quality timbers with exceptional structural integrity. The natural weatherproofing and hardwearing properties of oak mean your wooden pergola will stand for years to come, and stay looking beautiful doing it.

  • Beauty

Wood is simply one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials, especially for garden structures. The classic beauty of wood adds charm to the traditional and contemporary home and extends a natural, outdoor theme wonderfully. You can easily add to your pergola with climbing or hanging plants and all manner of decorative elements to really spruce up your outside area.

  • Value for Money

As the species of oak we source all of our timbers from are sustainably farmed, the cost is lower. These trees also produce longer, straighter timbers, meaning more can be used in the construction process and demand is easily met. All of this translates to lower costs for you despite the incredible quality and beauty.


How We Ensure Outstanding Quality Wooden Pergolas

At The Porch Specialist, we are committed to building bespoke wooden kits to the highest standard of quality. We are the best at what we do because of the following facets of our manufacturing process:

Rigorous Timber Grading

All of our wood goes through an extremely thorough assessment process completed by highly trained professional graders. We will find any defects, however small, and ensure that the affected timbers are responsibly recycled. Only the finest beams will be used in your wooden pergola kit.

Precision Cutting With Advanced Technology

Our high-grade equipment is able to perform extremely precise cuts. This means that your kit is made to measure with utmost accuracy and its long-term stability is guaranteed.

Traditional Jointing Methods

Our carpenters employ traditional jointing methods which are unbeatable when it comes to seamlessly slot the beams together. It means that your kit is easier to assemble yourself and its structural integrity is impeccable.


We ensure that all of our kits are built to the high standards set by the industry-leading certification body, BM TRADA. This is a testament to the incredible quality of our manufacturing processes and the pergola kits that they create.

Secure Your Free Pergola Kit Quote Today

If you’re looking for a wall-mounted wooden pergola to enhance your home, look no further than the timber experts at The Porch Specialist. We will work with you to make a bespoke pergola kit that you can assemble yourself at home and that will look beautiful in your garden or on your existing decking area. 

Contact our team for more information or to get started straight away on your dream wall-mounted pergola build. You can get an instant time and cost estimation over the phone.