Wooden Pergola

At The Porch Specialist, we sell stunning wooden pergola kits built to the specifications of our customers. Our pergolas can bring tremendous aesthetic appeal to your home, and offer you a shaded spot within your garden for work or relaxation. Our wooden pergola kits are easy to assemble at home, and offer a beautiful compliment to any house.

The Benefits Provided by a Pergola

Pergolas bring a timeless charm to any property, invoking the gardens of both renaissance Italy, and the twentieth century arts and crafts movement. Our high quality green oak or Douglas-fir woods blend seamlessly with both classical and modernist houses, creating a space in your garden that can be decorated with plants, or installed with a roof for a stylish shaded area over your patio.

A pergola can be utilised in many ways to benefit your home. Using climbing vines or other green plants can create a natural relaxation space, or an outdoor office in the summer. A pergola can be used for an outdoor dining space, or installed with garden furniture as a relaxation spot. Best of all, by easily rearranging or decorating your pergola you can quickly and easily change it to suit whatever need you may have.

Bespoke Wooden Pergola Kits Delivered Across the UK

No two houses are the same, and as such we never presume a standard size or model when it comes to our wooden pergola kits. We are happy to build you a bespoke pergola kit in your choice of wood. If you have specific dimensions in mind for your pergola, a specific size of post, or a design for your beam ends, contact us today and we can create a plan for your pergola kit. We can build a square pergola, such as a 2m by 2m size, or a rectangle, such as a 3m by 5m.

Why Choose The Porch Specialist?

At The Porch Specialist we prioritise quality, ease of assembly, and sustainability in all of our wooden pergola kits. We believe that both our products and our service distinguish us from our UK competitors:

  • Sustainable Oak and Douglas-fir Timber: Our wooden pergola kits are constructed from either green oak or Douglas-fir timber, sourced from a specially selected site in France. For every tree used in our pergola kits, we will plant three saplings. We are committed to sustainability, and the endurance of both our forests and our high quality wooden products.
  • Expert Timber Grading: All wood in our products is carefully checked as soon as it arrives at our UK workshop. Our team of carpenters and wood graders utilise their decades of experience and our state of the art technology to carefully check each piece for cracks, warps, and faults. Anything that might compromise the integrity of our wooden pergola kits is recycled, further showing our commitment to sustainability.
  • Precision Cut Wood: Our expert team uses high precision technology to ensure that each piece of wood in our pergola kits is perfectly cut. To ensure that our kits are both durable and easy to assemble, it is important that each piece of wood is accurately cut to specifications. Our rigorous production processes help to eliminate any chance of human error in our pergola kits.
  • BM Trada standards: Every product we make is designed and crafted to BM Trada’s high standards, one of the most respected certification panels in the industry. All of our customers can feel assured when buying a wooden pergola kit from The Porch Specialist, that they are buying a product of the highest quality.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

Easy To Assemble Wooden Pergolas

Our wooden pergola kits are built with traditional jointing techniques, using tongue and groove joints to allow for easy assembly. They are designed to be assembled at home, by anyone with basic DIY experience. We include detailed step by step instructions with all of our products, and can make planning drawings available to our customers upon request. It is unlikely that you will need planning permission to erect a wooden pergola by your house in the UK, but it is always worth checking with your local council before embarking on any sort of building project in your garden.

Once you have built your wooden pergola you can decorate it with climbing plants, hanging baskets, or plant pots. You can also add a roof or leave it bare, both will make a beautiful compliment to your house, giving you a multipurpose outdoor space.

Pricing For Our Wooden Pergola Kits

Our prices for wooden pergola kits are bespoke, determined by the cost of materials. We don’t charge our customers more for unique pergola designs, as we believe in offering each customer their perfect pergola. This allows you to choose a smaller pergola for a green roof, or a larger pergola for a dining table, safe in the knowledge that we will build it for you at a reasonable price. 

We offer free quotes on all of our products, so if you are curious about the cost of a new pergola for your garden, get in contact with us today and get a bespoke no obligation quote.

Buy Your Wooden Pergola Kit Today

We offer a range of beautiful, easy to assemble pergola kits built to your specifications. A pergola from The Porch Specialist will be the ideal accompaniment to your garden, giving you a fresh space for leisure or study. We offer a fast turnaround on our kits, starting work as soon as an order has been placed, and dispatching across the UK as soon as work has been signed off. Our pergola kits are easy to assemble, saving on labour costs and allowing you to build around your schedule.

Whatever your desires in terms of a wooden pergola, The Porch Specialist can construct you a boutique kit, for you to build yourself. Whatever your questions or queries, get in contact with one of our team today and we can begin production on your wooden pergola kit.