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Types of Oak Porch Canopy Kits We Offer

Each of our oak canopy porch kits is made from 100% green oak, using traditional joints ready for you to assemble in your own time. We have a number of oak canopies available for novice DIYers to experienced tradesmen and carpenters.

We have a number of unique oak porch canopy kits for customers to choose from. All oak kits are constructed and built on-site by our experienced carpenters and timber graders. Each oak porch canopy kit has been designed to fit and merge seamlessly with almost every property. If you discover that our selection of oak porch canopy kits does not fit your requirements, or you’d simply like a bespoke kit, our team are happy to help.



We have created a bespoke virtual builder to help your design your dream porch.

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Oak Framed Porch Canopies for Every Home

Explore our wide range of porch canopies above. Or, alternatively, if you find a design that you like the look of but require bespoke measurement and dimensions, we can help with that. All oak porch kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and planning drawings to help.

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Why The Porch Specialist?

When you buy from us, you’re not just buying an oak porch kit, you’re buying a product that adds charm and character to your home. The way our oak canopies are designed ensures longevity, and thanks to our sustainable sourcing and grading, they can last a lifetime.



We are passionate about providing exceptional products, and we’re delighted to say that there are many reasons customers across the UK have made us their first choice for oak and timber frame porch canopies.
All of our products are made from the finest green oak and Douglas-fir timber we have available. These trees are all grown on a specially designated site in France and for every one used in our work, three more will be planted in its place. This keeps our work sustainable and ensures a steady supply of products for years to come.
The trees we use are grown to be as tall and straight as possible, ensuring more of the wood can be used during the manufacturing process and minimising waste.
Our expert team of carpenters and timber graders will check every piece of wood we receive, when it reaches our site. They’ll check for any flaws, warps or faults which could impact on the structural integrity of a kit. If they find anything, that piece will be responsibly recycled instead. This ensures that our porch kits are only ever made from the strongest, most suitable materials.
Our work process is aided by state-of-the-art technology that offers pinpoint accuracy when inspecting the timber. This ensures that we will always catch cracks or other imperfections in the wood ‒ even those the human eye would otherwise miss. We also have modern equipment designed to offer precision accuracy when cutting the frames, so that every piece is always made perfectly.
Every product we make is manufactured to standards set out by Exova BM TRADA. This means that you can be certain that your own porch will have been made to industry standards.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

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Where Can I Place My Oak Porch Canopy?

Oak canopies are usually placed at the front of your home. They add a charming component to your home’s entrance and are very versatile. You can also add your oak canopy to the back of your property to help enhance your garden or back patio.

Browse Our Oak Porch Canopy Kits Above

Oak canopy kits offer a warm and inviting element to your home. Our kits are easy to assemble and built to last. With a number of unique designs available, we’re sure that you will find a kit perfect for your property.