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Charming and Classical Open Porch Designs

At The Porch Specialist, we take pride in the stunning range of open and partially-open or covered porches we prepare as kits for our customers, bringing their front doors the curb appeal that they have been looking for, or offering their back gardens a timeless feature.

Impress your friends and neighbours by building your very own stunning open porch, and then sit back and admire your very own home creation.

Every kit we make is handcrafted with the needs of each individual customer in mind, so if you have been looking for exactly the right open porch to complete the look of your home, we can prepare a kit to your exact specifications. Explore the selection we have here, and contact us to start placing an order today.



We are passionate about providing a myriad of beautiful gable end porches for your outdoor spaces, no matter what you would like most for your property. We even have picture examples of each, taken across the UK and the Channel Islands, which you can easily browse here on our website. 

Imagine seeing the exact build you need for your porch, or even realising what you need for your ideal product, based on a picture found right here on our very own webpages? It’s easier than you might think; you may see some features you know you need in a particular design, but you suddenly decide you’d prefer to add a personal touch to the front truss by making it a different style. Perhaps they have added a feature such as a low brick plinth, that you would rather remove so your porch is entirely open?

Whenever these questions become a reality, our online product builder will be there to help you put your very own open oak or timber porch plan together. This quick, efficient and effective online tool is ready and waiting to show you all the parts of our wooden porch extensions, from the canopy designs to our full height porches, and can show you what a range of designs and styles will look like when you choose to add your own flair to any part. 

Our Open Porch Types

We have a variety of porches available for our customers to choose from, and we can create any design so it is as open or as enclosed as you would like it to be. These porches can then be adapted further, keeping them as suited to your tastes and to the aesthetics of your property as possible.

  • Wall Mounted Porch (also called a “Canopy Porch”)
  • Wall and Floor Mounted Porch
  • Low Brick Plinth Porch

None of the porch kits we sell should require planning permission before you start your building work. However, this may change depending on the dimensions of the porch you are planning on adding to your property, so it is always worth checking if you are unsure. To learn more about this, please see our post on planning permission for porches.

Open Porch Styles

All of our open gable end porches can be made into any modern or traditional style that you would like, so they will match any type of home. Our team can ensure that every requirement and specification is taken into account, too, whether you need your canopy at a particular angle, or would like a particular feature added to the rest of your chosen design, such as convex front beam ends or a curved front eaves beam.

Bespoke Open Porch Ideas

Browse our selection and consider the options you have with our oak and timber frame porch kits; we are certain that we will have a design that suits your home entirely.

On some occasions, customers will already have a design in mind for a porch that they love, and they’ll come to us with their ideas ready in hand. We readily take  these orders in, and we will be more than happy to accommodate any bespoke design you bring to us as well. We want you to have exactly the porch that you want and we will build the kit for you, whether you need your oak framed porch to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home’s architectural style, or you have fallen in love with some styles you have seen in more modern front porches and would like your own purchase to reflect this.

High Brick Plinth Porch Build

Our Open Porch Kits are Primed for Easy Assembly

When we put together any gable end porch kit, everything will have been set out exactly to the customer’s specifications, with the kit itself having been prepared for a quick, simple build if you have had some previous DIY experience. This is achieved through the use of a series of traditional jointing techniques, which allow for each part of a wooden porch frame to be slotted together, assembling the product in a short amount of time.

We don’t stop at easy-build techniques when we offer you our products. We also include an instruction manual with every kit we make, and planning drawings are always available from us upon request.

Why Choose an Open Porch Kit from Us?

We are delighted to say that there are many reasons why customers make us their first choice when selecting a wooden porch kit for their home. We’re also more than happy to explain each of these reasons to you:

Only Sustainably Sourced Products: No matter which size, design or style of porch you pick, you can be certain that it is made entirely from green oak or Douglas-fir timber that we have obtained from a specially designated site in France. All the trees in this location are grown to be as tall and straight as possible, avoiding excess waste in the crafting process, and for every tree that is used in the creation of one of our products, three more will always be planted in its place to keep the supply sustainable. This also means that we can continue to make wooden porches in a range of sizes, designs and styles for many years to come.
State-of-the-Art Equipment and Modern Machinery: We are assisted in our timber grading by the latest in technology, which can pick up on warps, cracks and other defects that the human eye might miss. We also later use modern machinery in the manufacturing process, ensuring precision accuracy and perfectly made pieces in every kit.
All Timber is Graded and Checked On-Site: Our team of highly trained and fully qualified carpenters and timber graders are ready and waiting to meticulously inspect any and all pieces of timber that come into our workshop. They will check all supplied materials for signs of any structural weakness, or flaws or faults that would otherwise prevent the wood from being used in our work. If any are found, the affected pieces will be responsibly recycled instead.
Q-Mark Equivalent Products: All of our open and closed porch designs have been made to the standards set by Exova BM TRADA. As such, you can be sure that your new front or back porch will have been made to the excellent standards set by our industry.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

Open Porch Costs

We know better than most that the cost of an open timber or oak porch can differ greatly, depending on a number of factors and choices made when the kit was ordered. For instance, the size or style of the porch may influence the price you will pay. Because of this, we have no fully set prices for the porches we offer, and all our quotes are made based on individual specifications.

“But how will that work?”, we hear you ask, and we understand the worry that may be attached to it. There is no need to be concerned, however, as we are not simply going to leave you to work out all the costs involved in buying a new porch kit by yourself. As part of our customer service plan, we are delighted to offer competitive pricing on porches wherever we can. We will also be happy to supply an estimated cost for any product you would like prepared when you call to place an order.

We can get started on working out the costs for your dream porch as soon as you give us a call or send an email; one of our expert team members will come back as soon as possible with an estimate for the work.

Bring a Timeless Decorative Charm to Your Home Today

Get in touch with The Porch Specialist to order your very own modern or traditional gable end porch today, and transform the front or back of your property into the appealing space you have always dreamed of owning.

We will ship your kit out once the work has been signed off, so from the moment it arrives at your door, you will be in complete control of the entire work project. This brings the costs of labour down and means that you will be the master of your own schedule, deciding not just where your work will sit when finished, but also when it will be ready for use.

Whatever you need to turn your home into your ideal property, we will carefully craft and create it, before getting it delivered to you. Contact us today to place an order for the product you know you want, whether it comes in a timber or oak frame, and our carpenters will be ready and waiting to prepare it as soon as the order goes through.